'Supernatural' Season 7 Spoilers: Jim Beaver Talks Ghost Bobby

'Supernatural' Season 7 Spoilers: Jim Beaver Talks Ghost Bobby

It isn't easy being a ghost, as Bobby Singer is learning on Supernatural. But Jim Beaver says Bobby will soon discover he has skills to help the boys and take the fight to Dick Roman.

One thing Bobby has to get used to is that his hunter skills don't exactly work now that he's a ghost:

Initially, a lot of what we’ll see is Bobby trying to get his feet under him in this new condition. Bobby’s trying pretty hard to hang on to being a hunter even though he’s in this new state. But a lot of his old hunter skills don’t work anymore. When you’re a ghost, you can’t do all the things you could do when you weren’t a ghost. A lot of this stuff is really tough for him to figure out. But it’s going to be some of the fun, seeing how he grows as an effective ghost and a lot of the frustrations that he experiences.

He soon learns how to use his ghost powers, although they won't always work as he has planned:

He eventually figures out that ghosts do have certain skills, but they don’t come easily. And they’re not always reliable. That’s tricky. He eventually does find that there are certain things that he can do. [However], Bobby gets really upset at the inconsistency and the unreliability of some of the tricks that he picks up. But it’s fun, too, because the audience will never know for sure whether Bobby can pull off what he sets out to pull off.

What he wants to pull off most is helping the boys defeat the Leviathan that killed him, Dick Roman, and his evil minions:

At first, it will be in little ways like we’ve seen – getting messages or weapons to the boys when they need them. As he becomes more in command of his abilities as a ghost, he gets more and more effective in helping the boys and, to a certain extent, taking the battle to Dick and the Leviathan himself. It won’t be entirely just Bobby helping the boys fight Dick. Bobby’s got some fight left in him.

But fans of the show know what happens to ghosts who linger too long. Is Bobby worried he will become an angry, violent spirit?

Yeah, very much. He’s well aware of what happens to lingering spirits. He’s convinced that because he knows [about] that he can head it off and outsmart destiny, I guess. That is going to play a substantial role in his immediate future, trying to head off what fate seems to decree for ghosts. Maybe he’ll be successful.

Are you looking forward to seeing more of Ghost Bobby in tonight's episode?

Source: TV Line