'Supernatural' Season 7 Spoilers From Sera Gamble and Robert Singer

'Supernatural' Season 7 Spoilers From Sera Gamble and Robert Singer

Sera Gamble and Coexecutive Producer Robert Singer gave some great spoilers regarding what we will be seeing in the Season 7 premiere and beyond.

  • After being flipped and half-crushed in the Season 6 finale, the Impala will need a lot of rebuilding. Gamble is using Dean’s repairs as a way to show the passage of time in the premiere, showing that “making progress on a car proves the events that happen so quickly in the first hour back for the series really are not happening in just a day or even a week after the events of last season's finale.”
  • The Impala’s state is also as a metaphor for how Dean will have to build himself back up after he unravels a bit this season. Dean holds a lot of guilt for the things he’s done, and as Singer told the Examiner:

"During the first thirteen episodes [of season seven], I think he will probably carry a rockier journey in an odd way in terms of how he feels emotionally and how he deals with things. He's on a real rollercoaster. Jensen has plenty to do!"

  • Meanwhile, Sam is dealing with his wall breaking, and it’s not something he can hide for very long. The situation escalates dramatically in the second episode, which was written by Ben Edlund. Gamble talked to the Examiner about how Sam is effectively losing his mind:

“It’s something that Dean is dealing with, that Bobby is trying to deal with; it was an interesting thing to throw at them because every now and then a hunter will come into their sphere where they’ve been hunting for so long, they’ve gone crazy. And Ben wrote just a couple of lines in the episode about how ‘It’s one thing to get hexed or possessed, but it’s another to lose your marbles.’ And, you know, the episode kind of discusses that this is Sam, kind of facing that moment as a hunter where it’s just too much. He might just be losing his marbles for good, and there’s no amulet he can wear for that. And he could try Prozac, maybe, if it’s really strong, and you know, that doesn’t sound so good to him. So it’s this intersection between what happens in the real world when someone is in a really awful job for a long time and the supernatural.”

  • There will be a resolution to Sam’s situation after the first few episodes, however, when the focus will shift to the new kind of Big Bads the boys are facing. Said Gamble:

“We introduced the idea of purgatory and the monsters there. That’s an awful place, and hell’s an awful place, and heaven, frankly, sounds kind of boring to me. But when you think about it, our place-- Earth-- is sort of this Eden. Slightly corrupted but full of possibilities, certainly, and it seems like everyone wants to be here, so there’s a lot of direction we can go in with that.”

  • Gamble also broke the news that they are working on an episode that involves a whole new way of time travel (as in, not angel transport). This time travel will land one of the boys in a very tumultuous time and place:

“One of the guys gets stuck in 1944, which is very different from being out west! It’s a much darker time period. It turns out the case they were trying to solve back then is the same type of case that Sam and Dean are trying to solve right now.”

Season 7 premieres tomorrow night at 9 pm on the CW. (But I think you guys already know that!)