'Supernatural' Season 7 Spoilers From Comic-Con

'Supernatural' Season 7 Spoilers From Comic-Con

Here’s a breakdown of Season 7 spoilers dropped during the Supernatural panel at Comic-Con on Sunday.

  • Castiel is "drunk with power" at the beginning of the season. Misha said, "He's trying to do what he thinks a god should be doing on earth and in heaven, which is fairly righteous and wrathful, rectifying of the world's problems." This apparently involves a "fair amount of smiting"—with the death toll in the thousands.
  • Crowley, Sheriff Mills, and Jo will all be back.
  • The boys are very much on their own, having lost a lot of their "little aces in the hole." Jared said, "We don't have Dad, we don't have Cas, we don't have demon blood giving us power. So we go back to the boys on their own, essentially." Um, aren’t they forgetting about Bobby? Does that not bode well for him?
  • Sam and Dean’s days of escaping the authorities might be coming to an end, as Jared told the audience:

“We’ve talked about this for years. Sam and Dean have always had the same car. How are we not in FBI databases? How do we not have people after us? How do they not have pictures? So we start to play with that this year and say Sam and Dean are starting to be found…Now, what are they going to do about all these credit cards? How are they going to get money? People are on to their ploys.”

  • Regarding Episode 3, Jared said, “Sam has always…chosen to see the good [in people]. On that note, there’s someone from his past who he runs into…and he chose to see the good in [them] and now it’s coming back to bite him.”
  • Sam and Dean…in space? In what was surely a joke (hopefully?), Ben Edlund pondered:

“There’s got to be a way we can get them on a spaceship in one episode. We’ve got a lot of people who could do it. There’re gods and tricksters. There’s any number of ways we could do it. And they can have little uniforms.”

Sources: EW and E!Online