Supernatural Season 7 Promo–”Don’t Drink the Water”

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September 27, 2011

We learn how the Leviathans are traveling, plus lots of other great spoilers in this promo for Season 7 of Supernatural. Enjoy!

  • Cindy Shufelt

    I like the ideas the writers are coming up with. Leviathans using the pipes to move around.  Curious to see how Sam is going to resolve these hallucinations. Kind of reminds me of Manchurian Candidate,
    where mind controll is the method of torture.

  • PigNaPoke

    well im not really sure what a leviathan is… is it similar to the greek titans?
    in any case – I really liked the season 7 opener. I love deaths character – very likeable and yet scary at the same time – the other characters seem to feel the same way abt him. I have always wondered whether the writers are planning to bring Christ into the story. I mean they showed most other religions here – why not christianity? Some comments I have seen here are misguided about the show being christian based… it isnt its urban legend and religion based. they hit old testimant but not new testimant. is this hollywood PC gone amuck again? God I hope not. It would be a shame. In any case Id like to see Jesus hit the scene and do his thing. I hope the Sam going nuts thing ends soon and they dont drag itm secrets has been overkilled. I also hope Dean, Sam Cas stay funny – its what I like most about the show. “Pig N a Poke!” “Sam as Kit / Nightrider” and so on.

  • BobbiewanKenobi

    You Do realize that Kripke is Jewish, I dont for see Jesus coming into the mix just as I dont for see God ever having a large role in the show meaning being played by someone.  What I do see is maybe this is Deaths endgame, reap the whole planet and move on. He rather liked the Leviathan and found them entertaining. I hate the word Christian show or Christian that its a show based off Western myth and legends..