‘Supernatural’ Season 7 Guide

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May 19, 2011

The CW has released the official guide for Season 7 of Supernatural. The show will continue to air in its 9-10 pm Friday time slot come fall. Here’s what is coming up next season:

  • The Winchesters will find themselves in an increasingly sinister, changing landscape, up against a new foe unlike anything they’ve ever fought.
  • They’ll find their old tricks, weapons, and hiding places all rendered useless.
  • All they’ll have is each other.  And the certainty that, like the last of the cowboy outlaws, whatever they face, they’re not going down without a fight.

Any thoughts on who the new Big Bad will be? Cthulhu, perhaps?

  • Jordz

    Actualy he could be jesus cuz he was a prophet and witches can use magic so maybe hes a prophet who uses magic that wouldnt be the first weird creature to come off superatural and as for castiel i hope god does come back and explodes him cuz hes a twat and should die

  • Jimmy

    I heard Jo would be back

  • Michael Palmer

    i dont think castiel is the new god. but i do hope the little half demon half human kid comes back. he was the most powerful character

  • The-tobz

    i think that it will be war Michael  will be released by Crowley to fight Cas which means hes using Adam as his vasel so he will team up with Sam and Dean to kick ass…… but i must say AWESOME idea making Cas god would never of seen it coming :) well played and looking froward to season 7 

  • Shblackmagic50

    i am a supernatural fan from the begining and really hate to say 6 season was very very upsetting.i couldnt wait for it to end.i changed so much.and i hope 7 is better.thanks shblackmagic50@gmail.com

  • StaunchNatural


  • voff

    Prophets are ordinary people! they cannot do magic tricks!

  • Supertrinko

    Not if a being, more powerful than an angel, like God himself, didn’t want the angel to know.

  • Jjoshea4

    I just want cas to be thier bff again I already miss him and I LOVE the idea that chuck is god. Lets hope Matt Cohen and Richard Speight(I dont care if hes dead!) comes back too! :)

  • Claescossette

    well that was when lucifer is still free. with him back in the cage jesses power is lessened greatly 

  • kris_pragg

    castiel is not the new god, sam and dean will have to find the real god, whilst hiding from castiel, and fighting off whatever. i do believe chuck is god but remember a epsiode when castiel went looking for god with some kind of chain which burns hot when arround god, but at that time chuck was not a character yet and casteil did not find god…

  • Marcy B

    Maybe lucifer is still in Sam and when the wall breaks in his mind, it’s going off big time!!!

  • Htrivass007

    It’s Castiel. He is the new God and he’s gone insane with all the souls he has from Purgatory. I’m really sad about that because I loved Castiel. Now he’s the MEGA bad guy. But how do you kill God? They need Death (The horseman) as he said that he could reap God. That’s the only way I can think of. I just want them to save Castiel and bring he back to the way he was. He just started off trying to bring order to Heaven with God and Michael AWOL. 

  • snufflebum

    I think that Chuck is God. They said he was a prophet but human. Human’s cannot disappear into think air. Bring Chuck in to talk to Castiel.

  • ben

    Castiel isnt the knew god. he said that meaning he is taking over. thee is still real god…. chuck ect idk

  • Maximejun

    I would say a definite theme is how the winchester brothers are represented by the top angel brothers, and both sets are stuck in a tough situation. Maybe the four of them will find a way to get together and stop cas once michael and lucifer find a way to get out of the cage. Wasn’t michael the only reason that lucifer didn’t dethrone god?

  • Shadowking_34

    blah blah blah….. chuck is prob the man, just think abou it who else better to protect him thn archangels, n i recon death would know who he is, cos he’s just as old as god, so maybe he could sniff him out lol

  • John Davis

    The new bad guy is definitely Cas

  • John_davis

    Chuck isn’t god, when prophets finish there job they ascend into heaven that’s why he disappeared at the end of season 5

  • closet Supernatural watcher

    Does anyone NOT get that Chuck IS God??? He is a wreck… I think he (and this part is my own theory) he is tired and letting heaven “shake out” to see who is REALLy loyal to him and who isnt. The angels seem split and the archangels def arent withhim. I think also that CAS is the only one who knew who Chuck was. When the arch angel distroyed Cas only Chuck saw it and brought Cas back (again) I also think Lilith recognized him. I dont think there is an archangel with him. They NEVER showed this only a rumble etc… I was a little disappointed with season 6 but did like the first and last episode of the season. I always felt Deans “fatigue” and his character makes me feel sad for him. I really want him to be happy (but there woud be no show right) I started watching in Season 5 with Lazarus Rising. Ive been going back and watching all from the beginning. Just saw the Christmas episode. and the Genie one – I feel for Dean…  Hats off to Kripke! Im completely hooked on the saga! keep it coming!

  • Closet Supernatural Watcher

    HUH! that doesnt make any sense. Lucifer is an angel. period. he went into the cage. Why would you think Chuck is Lucifer… Thats rediculous. Cas called himself the new God. Cas will be the bad guy this season – thats why the review says that the biys tricks and hiding places are useless now. Cas knows them too well. I hope Cas comes out if this alive but I doubt it. I must say that I like the heaven hell themes far better on the show than the old Scooby Doo crap-ola they did in the early seasons.

  • homesickabortion

    ai dios mio. thank you. seriously, im an atheist and i know this shit, but try arguing it to a bunch of people who claim to be christians or w/e and you will get nowhere.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alicemadhatter Christine Trisha Sears

    I know for a fact chuck is god. how else do you explain him disappearing if you looked at supernatural season 5 close enough on dis 5 episode 16 dark side of the moon JOSHUA said… and i quote ” with or without the amulett god doesnt want to be found you wont find him ….

  • Jayjon81

    i think u need to re-watch the last episoides

  • Jayjon81


  • preis

    too bad… but it seems that castiel would be bad guy in this season.. tsktsk.. and i even like him.. jeez..

  • guest

    The little kid who was half human and half demon has a big part to play in the next season………

  • Gerard

    holy crap, i thought the season couldn’t get any worse from the devil but now fighting agenst cas… as a new god, only crap castiel who’s been with them since what season 4 who knows almost everything about them and at all times where they are, dean and sam could just be talking in the middle of now where and cas just pops in’s, there’s no escaping him

  • Mindaugas

    No, Actually chuck is infact the god(Yahweh) i saw a video on utube his admiting that his script is God’s script. lol :) and i am pretty sure i watched more times any series than you cause even before that i knew he was God.

  • Mindaugas

    He is god, i have seen a video where he himself admits his script is Gods script.

  • Edwardhaxor

    Chuck may be the reincarnation of Chuck Norris

  • unthinkable

    i think the 3/4 of the fallen angel that lucy’s comrade will rally up to the alliance for crowly…

  • wrein

    yes wheres jesus? other fallen will do the the battle again,like mephisto and baal, thats gonna be a troublesome season 7.

  • Anonymous

    think of it this way! cass said he is the new god, he believes he is with all those souls roaming around inside him, but remember those souls came from purgatory and dean told cass himself that those said souls were scrambling cass’s thoughts. hence the darkness in him. i think Dean will be the one to end cass, because of the bond they have with one another. it would make sense because dean always loses everyone he has ever loved and to kill cass would only make dean think he always has to be alone. Sam will no doubt have another storyline were he is so badly done too. And the anti-christ child will return to rather help sam and dean or destroy them! and as to chuck the writers and directors and so forth decide what to make him. God! i think not! Lucifer could rise to seek out cass and destroy him also. there are so many twists and turns in supernataural i love it!

  • Bhvggd

    He was promised a Place in heaven and is NOT GOD!

  • Jogging

    I hope Sam and Dean actually GO to purgatory.

  • Mindaugas

    Man, shut up cause if someone out of own Crew says his Script was to play someone it mean it was! Guy who plays chuck admitted he was God so ur statement is obsolete.

  • EmersonLapatha

    he didn’t admitted it, he thought he is god because he found out that Sam and Dean are real and what he’s writing  are coming true, but he is just unaware that he is a prophet.

  • EmersonLapatha

    he didn’t admitted it, he thought he is god because he found out that Sam and Dean are real and what he’s writing  are coming true, but he is just unaware that he is a prophet.

  • Brk5239

    Oh no. When Death said that “God” will eventually be reaped, did he mean Cas? oAo

  • Sara

    Cas is going hardcore God, he knows all of the Winchester secrets and hiding places. The boys will then realise that the only way to “bring Cas down on earth” again is to release Lucifer and Michael and giving the world that apocalypse – END SEASON -CRY ALL OF SUMMER 2012-

  • Mindaugas

    Hello, what u do not realise is that Castiel is much much stronger than them. My point is that not even archangels sword or divine weapons works against him, he obliterated third most powerful archangel in creation(Raphael) like it was nothing with a snap, i am 99.99(personally 100)% sure he can do same with Lucifer or Michael so releasing them is no good cause they can’t do anything to him. Only death or Yahweh(god) is strong enaugh to either take away this enormous power or kill him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chuppandrew Andrew Chupp

    where’s God himself they said n season5 that he’s sum where on earth i think they should find him and stop cas

  • deanfangirl

    Thank you dude I was trying to think of a way to say what you said you said it perfectly

  • Emily

    i can’t wait til season 7

  • http://www.facebook.com/pia.abacan Pia Abacan

    gosh im so excited… i can’t believe castiel has gone bad. I hope lucifer and michael gets out. It’ll make it more exciting to watch!

  • Nonoza

    i think the new bad guy will be that half demon anti-christ kid. cas did say he could destroy the host of heaven with a single word. and they should let lucifer and micheal (and adam) out of the cage.

  • Nonoza

    am i the only one who thinks Cas can be redeemed? he’s not the first of them to go darkside and for the love of Cas could they stop taking away every bit of family the sam and dead get? something in their world needs to be worth killing themselves as much as they do.

  • stephen

    well i know cass is the new god but didn’t death say one day he will have to reap god ? 
    so i think they will be asking death a favor 

  • stephen

    the reason chuck vanished is because they changed the course of fate which means there is no need for prophets anymore 

  • Castiel

    pls.. revive jo harvelle…

  • EliGuy

    I think Chuck is god,because he disappered right after they defeated Lucifer

  • Adibaig11

    and don’t forget that small kid with great powers.. Jesse

  • Stuart547

    Fairies are you fucking serious.

  • Justinaproudd

    what is it with chuck i thought he was god 4  a min cause the way he just disapeared and didnt hardly get nvolved just stood back and observed isnt that kinda wat god does

  • swisher

    but chuck is not finished he still has the next season too jot down and write more books

  • Bruman70

    i dont think God would order HOOKERS on the phone or any where elas

  • supernaturaldiehardfan

    logically speaking Death obviously may be able to see ahead what Dean and sam wouldn’t…he said someday he will reap god/God but he never specified and Castiel calls himself god now

  • Khajie

    that makes sense because the reaper helped dean with out a fight and the angels all questioned why God spares the Winchesters and shows them such favour

  • supernaturaldiehardfan

    logically speaking Death obviously may be able to see ahead what Dean and sam wouldn’t…he said someday he will reap god/God but he never specified and Castiel calls himself god now….but the chances of chuck being God is slim because chuck did  call up hookers n such so to portray God with that image would not add up..being he is God he would not fall to manly desires #justsaying

  • Yasmin236

    I agree. He isn’t God. Or any sort of God.

  • Yasmin236

    i seriously doubt he is god

  • Yasmin236

    i’m not sure, but i think that he just thinks he is god because he is powerful now. but all he did was inhale a bunch of souls. i reallt don’t think that it would actually make him god. but at least now he will probably be able to rule heaven… but will that be a good thing?!

  • Trehan Eds

    he was only a vessel….

  • Mindaugas

    No man, i mean the actor who play chuck(i forgot his name) as with Jensen+Jared+Jim and other members of supernatural(people who play the actors) and that guy said, my scrit was indeed God’s script.

  • Ajolh

    Iam egyption and iam a big fan to super natural I want to know how can I know that season 7 begin or when it will and whats will happend in this season 

  • Ajolh

    Iam egyption and iam a big fan to super natural I want to know how can I know that season 7 begin or when it will and whats will happend in this season 

  • PlatinumChaser

    i hope Cas gets saved. hes been the good
    guy since season 2. hope he doesnt get killed off

  • PlatinumChaser

    hey cant be Jesus. because im Jesus

  • D_perfect_stranger

    Please paste the youtube link here so we can see.. thanks..

  • dean

    castiel is the new god in season 7 ive downloaded season 6 and watched them all and last episode cass digest millions of souls which turns him from an angel to god

  • Damien Langmuir

    Instead of this argument i think the only way for the show to move forward is for god to be in it next to help sam, dean, defeat the super bad new cas but i think cas might be good again at the end but may be an unknown new story-line and also keep in mind the little hybrid demon human boy is still in it he has the power to do anything he wants anol!!!!! 

  • Damien Langmuir

    Also its the best show on tv.

  • Mindaugas

    Look he is a god and here to actually show people that he admits himself, check out this video.

  • Mindaugas

    Hello, if anyone wonders this, yes it’s true and Chuck(or person who claimed to be chuck surley is infact god). Don’t answer me anything just watch the video.

  • Groovyellen

    I can’t wait for season 7 to start, I just hope they have Castiel as a permanent part of the series this year, and of course, Bobbie.  Never fails to satisfy!

  • itlnangl00

    If you remember Chuck disappeared into thin air. Once he finished “The Book of Sam and Dean Winchester” he was no longer needed.

  • itlnangl00

    Have you ever heard of a “ghostwriter” that is a writer who writes for someone. Chuck is not God he’s God’s ghostwriter. Just like Jacob is God’s messenger.

  • Welovelife6

    I think chuck was God as well. The way he disappeared @ the end. 

  • Victor Cortez

    Does no one remember the so called Anti Christ Were the fuck is he