‘Supernatural’ Season 7 Guide

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May 19, 2011

The CW has released the official guide for Season 7 of Supernatural. The show will continue to air in its 9-10 pm Friday time slot come fall. Here’s what is coming up next season:

  • The Winchesters will find themselves in an increasingly sinister, changing landscape, up against a new foe unlike anything they’ve ever fought.
  • They’ll find their old tricks, weapons, and hiding places all rendered useless.
  • All they’ll have is each other.  And the certainty that, like the last of the cowboy outlaws, whatever they face, they’re not going down without a fight.

Any thoughts on who the new Big Bad will be? Cthulhu, perhaps?

  • Mutchy

    no no Chuck is god did you not see the cool disappeary thingy at the end of Season 5?!?!?!

  • Mutchy

    ah you like me are still convinced its his kid!!!

  • toonatick

    I think Cas and Lucifer will join forces. I could be wrong  but we will find out later this year

  • toonatick

    Arch Angels aint that strong tho. He is or likes to think of himself that he is the  new god

  • Micharl Palmer

    I think croatoan virus is back. Or the half demon half human kid will come back stronger and more powerful????

  • Eliprice13b

    what about that little kid who was supposed to be the anti-christ???

  • Evzy1985

    Chuck cant be god. Deans necklace didn’t glow as cass said it would when god is near

  • Guest

    Yea, he sais he is a prophet or whatever. Doesn’t mean he cant be god. They have said that “God walks the earth” So why not be chuck. 

  • Chris

    I don’t think Castiel will turn against them completely, he must still be their friend…he must …he must, I’m sick of goodies turning into baddies, sure it’s sexy, but the heroes always end up killing them.
    Then again, if Castiel is capable of killing his brothers and sisters, then he’s perfectly capable of clicking his fingers and exploding Dean.

  • Mairuska

    When Dean and Sam were in heaven the angel joshua told them that with or without the necklace they won’t be able to find god. So the necklace wouldn’t glow in the presence of god.

  • Indyshakur

    no he’s not, he was a weapon for the demons

  • Char

    No one knows who God is! Not even the writers. The did the thing with Chuck to make peoples minds wonder and obviously they have a little too much it seems. I don’t think the writers are going to go into the whole God actually being a flesh character. And it sounds like Michael and Lucifer will be staying in the cage if they will be facing something they have never faced before. These writers still have a lot of loose ends to tie up but this could be their last season also so a lot of questions may never get answered for example: What was Chuck really? Where are Ellen and Joe because they weren’t in heaven when the boys were there nor were the boy’s parents?… Over the past few years there have been quite a few things happen that created questions that were not answered. Instead of obsessing over these things just get used to it cause there is no way all of our questions will be answered anytime soon.

  • Luke Wright

    Chuck is God, the obvious fact that he was wearing all white at the end of series 5 then dissapeared gives you a good idea, and Cas said that if God doesn’t want to be found he won’t be found. God (Chuck) disguised himself as a prophet and played a scared and innocent act to become close with the winchesters so that they would remember his face in the future. I reckon in season 7 he will stop the reign of Cas as I think Cas has not got what it takes to be God. Can’t forget about Michael and Lucifer either, what will happen with them I don’t know… I cannot wait for season 7!!!

  • guest

    it wasn’t an archangel sword, it it was just for angels in general.

  • guest

    it wasn’t an archangel sword, it it was just for angels in general.

  • Warhawk88

    Always had the feeling of Cas becoming the new god, but I always thought that he would still be good and fight along sam, dean and bobby… It would be cool if god came back and kicked cas’ ass

  • Priya

    What about castiel?……

  • Priya

    We cant say anything…Demon’s blood in castiel may change him…Cant see cas in negative role yaaaa…….

  • Priya

    Season 6 ended with lots of questions…..please release season 7…. we are waiting to see cass and wenchesters

  • Luke

    Maybe the sisters of FATE make another appearance to take Castial down as you “Can’t Fight Fate”…

  • Koolboy_ab_grunz

    SO if Castiel is the new god where is the older god?? dead?? err doesnt make sense at all 

  • Koolboy_ab_grunz

    truee…i did realise it yea that prophet guy sort of had static or holographic picture and he disappears at the end.. 

  • Koolboy_ab_grunz

    I also slightly think the end at Season 6 when Cas says im your god kneel before me or i shall destroy you!! 
    Cas could have been jokin with his new god attitude or sumtin haha if this is real i would jus loooooool all the way .. :D

  • guest

    and the maker of the show erik kripke said chuck was god.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Tim-Dello/100000920152845 Tim Dello

    Well my opinion about the whole God theory of you guys is wrong, first: Chuck was the writer of the books in Seaon 5, yes he did a unique disappearing act, but cant you all see the truth, when a prophet has done its work, when nothing else can be told the prophets work is done. He goes to heaven and lives in peace. It was his destiny to write the books as a prophet, cause the books in the future are called “The Winchester’s Gospel” or something like that. So my opinion about this is, The real God and not Cas, maybe has a role to play in season 7, but its Kripke’s choice whether to put it in or not, but thats just my theory, Good
    God against Evil God (Cas), like a prize fight that supposedly had to encounter with Micheal and Lucifer which was ended in an unusual way by the Winchester brothers. So my guess is, there’s got to be a prizefight between Cas and Real God.

  • Aldrinsaballegue

    when will the season 7 released?

  • Supernatural

    Chuck could be god ! but deans necklace never went hot when they were with him ??

  • Supernatural

    There has to be a season were god dies like death said he reaps him!!

  • Facts just

    Sam and dean deserve to be judge by cas !! cas asked them to trust them and they wouldn’t so cas am on your side on his one !! 

  • Jamescesaro

    Ok… Who has prophets? God, does god want to be found? No. God disguises himself as chuck and says he’s a prophet. The little kid isn’t god. Watch the show. Clearly he is the antichrist like they say. God wouldn’t be the spawn of a demon and a human…

  • Eat The Whole Prawn

    god is too powerful for some little charm to disrupt him thus the amulet wont work 

  • sams shoulders

    Cas isnt god neither will michael or lucifer be the real god can never be shown as they will be be able to present him well enough who he is will never be revealed

  • Marungaclair

    so much 4 being God!!! cas has becam such as arse!!!

  • Pauljohn_shaw

    well was a suprise for me castiel is now the new god but season 5 we saw god or did we now this will make a good story god taking back his thrown from castiel

  • Pauljohn_shaw


  • Guest

    So.. Castiel is a new god… And i think he is the “New Big Bad”…
    And what about Death? He told that some day he will came for God himself..

  • Allanlock

    death said he would reap god at the end of his time . so i suppose he has the power to reap cas .he is the only one i can think of who can stop him 

  • Richy

    Does anyone else share this theory, after watching season 5, in relation to chuck, I thought he may have been God, obviously they never went down that route, its just because God had went missing and at the end of the series he was wearing the white shirt that just cried angelic…..plus who says God doesn’t take holiday as a prophet, I honestly think Chuck may return as God

  • guest

    he is god surely he can hide himself from a stupid little necklace

  • Naim

    When is season 7 out guys? Plz reply

  • Wassy01

    dont forget the kid, michael, lucifer, angels and cowley with his demons, this could get interesting. i cant wait.

  • Wassy01

    p.s chuck aint god.. lol

  • Ryans095

    mabye god wanted it to happen because he wanted a real challenge

  • Ryans095

    but god would have never let tht happen surly

  • steel

    no he was one of the new prophet 

  • Shashank Gupta

    wat i think is…….since its the last season hence each n every heavenly body will reunite……. episodes of this season will b awsm

  • pro-finity

    i agree, however i think lucifer is more of an idea and the idea here is that there is a lucifer in every story, cass is surely the new lucifer in this one, new names claiming old titles, that sort of thing, and that lucifer could just be a general term for evil, very much like it is in reality, for instance “(insert name) is the devil”

  • Cstarkbreaker

    i think the reaper is god, check this idea: god=creator, reaper=janitor, who says i man cant hold two jobs, lol

  • Nymph

    -Have you ever heard “Prophetts”, Guys? Most of them disappear on bibles nor myth books but I do tell you Chuck is not the god… He is just someone.

  • supernaturalfan

    i don’t have a clue of what to expect from season 7 but i hope they don’t change things too much. Castiel may be A new god but that doesn’t mean the “old” god cant show up and do something. he did save the winchester brothers a few times already so a good opener for season 7 would be if Sam and Dean didn’t bow and Cas was gonna destroy them then they could just be transported like when Lucifer was getting out of his cage. personally i’m a little concerned about the changes they’re making to the show since Eric Kripke backed down. still loving the show but hope they dont forget its roots.

  • supernaturalfan

    i don’t have a clue of what to expect from season 7 but i hope they don’t change things too much. Castiel may be A new god but that doesn’t mean the “old” god cant show up and do something. he did save the winchester brothers a few times already so a good opener for season 7 would be if Sam and Dean didn’t bow and Cas was gonna destroy them then they could just be transported like when Lucifer was getting out of his cage. personally i’m a little concerned about the changes they’re making to the show since Eric Kripke backed down. still loving the show but hope they dont forget its roots.

  • Jamie

    no the boy could of been used  as a weapon for the demons. i agree chuck is god the amulet does NOT WORK. they were told that in the garden in heaven. god does not want to be found not as god anyway. the way chuck smiled and dissapeard in a glow of white is not something a profit can do. a profit is human. so how do u explain the dissapearing and the white glow if he is not god????????

  • Tg_zero

    because it was fake, didnt castiel have it for a LOOOOOOOONG time

  • guest

    chuk is not god so y waz chuck scared from everyone y did he drink wine and y waz the archangel with him y did he sleep

  • Weichipt

    I Can’t believe cass becomes a jerk. I like him so much!
    Maybe chuck , luccifer and micheal will work together and rescue cass!

  • Liveurlife11

     the kid is said to be the Anti-Christ you know

  • Liveurlife11

    They say that CHUCK (the prophet) is god, KK yea maybe, but at the end of season 6 CASTIEL gained power enabling him to be on the same level as god himself.  I’m sure most of you know this much….
    personally i would wish that the WINCHESTER BROS bring back CHUCK and the ANTICHRIST (little demon spawn) to defeat CASTIEL or something of the sort. we’ll just have to wait and see…..

  • Liveurlife11

    Also Lucifer and Micheal is still in hell. hmm i think a season 8 should be in order……

  • hunter

    i think in season 7 god should come in 2 it and so should the anticrist and i think its time some1 freed micheal and lucifer would make a action packed season dont ya think

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000493197813 Ntinos Lekkas

    Look what i dont get is that since OBVIOUCLY Chuck is God how come Dean little neckless didnt trace him i mean he wore it when he first met him.SO?What s it going to be?

  • Bharath_balasubramanian88

    I kind of feel that the series doesn’t seem to be much thrilling and related to Sam and Dean.. Nowadays we could only see a lot of filler episodes & kind of deviating from the main theme of the story:-(

  • Guest

    Well if you notice most of the time whenever he wrote anything he was in a bummish outfit, e.g. Pyjamas, and his first line upon finding out that he was a prophet was ‘I am God’, Also in the last scene he dissapears so he could be a ‘vessel for god’ or something like that, which would explain the neatness of him at that last scene

  • Welshgirl2k10

    that would be good because the way chuck left it made us believe he was god

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001356726977 Anna Marie

    they said he was a profit but profits are humans they cant just disappear

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001356726977 Anna Marie

    i thought cass was the new god, it didnt glow around him either

  • Mindaugas

    Chuck is IINFACT god

  • Mindaugas

    To anyone who wonders, is Chuck god, yes he is. i have seena video on youtube where he himself admits his character was to play god(his script).

  • jordz

    I recon the real god is gona come bk and btch slap em all back into shape by fixin sams soul up nice and good makin castiel officialy the leader of hevan not the winner of it and hes gona end the fight between mike and lucifer (maybe bringing back gabrielle since it was sad how he died

  • Jordz

    dude sorry but its a fail on that idea cuz if u remeber the arch angel protected chuck and everyone dunno where god is and i think a angel would be able to tell the difference between its a phophite and a almighty superbeing

  • Jordz

    In season 7 they should bring on christ, the demon kid aka u call anti christ and a balanced one right at the end half demon half angel (or half god) and then he can own anythin

  • Popcorn Player 1

    What about the little boy from season 5? Jessie?

  • Popcorn Player 1

    What about the little boy from season 5? Jessie?

  • mohammad mehdi

    i think the dead will have the effective part for the 7 season only dead can stop castiel 

  • Supernatural Fan

    Obviously the big ‘bad’ guy is Cas, though it would be good if Lucifer popped the cage to help the boys. It’s a real pity Balthazar had to die, he was really awesome and funny. Well, can’t wait for season 7 to come! 

  • Laughing

    Lol, he’s a PROPHET, not GOD. Haven’t you watched the season?

  • Kisara1990

    Hmmm, that’s actually a good theory. The child was said to be extremely powerful. But do you really think he’ll be strong enough to kill Cas?

  • Kisara1990

    Here’s one about everyone bitching who is God and who should kill Cas. Here’s an idea. It’s NOT Chuck, it’s not Cas and not the little demon boy. God is God, and since he brought Cas back he STILL lives. So he will probably kick Cas’s butt for pretending to be God and blah blah. Jesus, don’t you people watch what happens in the season and make reasonable assumptions? 


  • petergriffin

    yea i dnt think chuck is god unless god likes busty asian beauties because seemed 2 like them also he did call alot of hookers so yea chucks not god and yea the half demon half human kid cud prob kill cas saying cas said he wud destroy the host of heaven. boom

  • petergriffin

    + wheres jesus? ino Gods on earth but were did jesus go?

  • Rtw85

    chuck isn’t god, they won’t bring in god until jeffrey dean morgan is free to do a few eps, god is in john winchesters meat suit.  i think cas will go nuclear and explode not be killed by someone else. death will play a bigger role next season hopefully, he’s the only entity that’s scared dean senseless up to now.  hope crowley stays around best bad guy since azazel. Lucie and Michael should stay where they are or it’s one crappy prison.  maybe death could be big bad next season he did make a point to dean about their resurrections and how pissed he was at tidying up the mess along with sisters of fate.