‘Supernatural’ Season 7 Guide

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May 19, 2011

The CW has released the official guide for Season 7 of Supernatural. The show will continue to air in its 9-10 pm Friday time slot come fall. Here’s what is coming up next season:

  • The Winchesters will find themselves in an increasingly sinister, changing landscape, up against a new foe unlike anything they’ve ever fought.
  • They’ll find their old tricks, weapons, and hiding places all rendered useless.
  • All they’ll have is each other.  And the certainty that, like the last of the cowboy outlaws, whatever they face, they’re not going down without a fight.

Any thoughts on who the new Big Bad will be? Cthulhu, perhaps?

  • Wab3508

    chuck will be back for season 5 i think but is definately the last one

  • Mindaugas

    I Think u need to rewatch series, in november Season 7 start cause season 6 already has been done, possibly chuck will appear in there and there is posiblity that season 8 is comming to.

  • Groovyellen

    I don’t think Chuck is God, he’s merely a prophet, and that kid  isn’t, either.  Cas is the new God, but when Joshua told Dean and Sam when they were in heaven, that he was on earth, then

  • Groovyellen

    he never found him, but there’s no way Chuck is God, that’s just ridiculous for all of you to think that.  Bobbie has as much of a chance of being God that Chuck does.

  • Charm917

    I cannot wait to watch the season 7….

  • Charm917

    no castiel is like some other angels who were tempted and wants to be a new GOD..
    I think that chuck is God because there is an episode that one angel told Dean and Sam that God is in earth..and there is also this episode that Chuck disappeared..well, ordinary people or prophet can’t do like that…

  • animeroks36

    i think since the winchester story was supposed to end he like died or sumfin

  • Dayks

    Remember that in the supernatural world there are multiple gods so Castiel likely is a new god however that does not mean he is the most powerful god or being around.

    Also the antichrist kid, cas said he could destroy the host of heaven however I very much doubt he is as strong as Lucifer let alone God as i doubt Lucifer would make anyone who could challenge him like that.

    Also I hope the prison stays shut, it being opened a couple times in just a few years makes it seem like very shoddy work and I am also pretty sure that cas is currently more powerful than both Lucifer and Micheal together.

  • Lisacide

    It’s Castiel that’s the new bad guy. All the power he got has messed with his head and he made it clear in the last episode of season six that those who defy him shall be punished, which probably means killed. My theory is that Sam and Dean tell Cas where to go and he starts hunting for them, throwing as many obstacles in their way as he can to slow them down.

  • eyesstriking

    Someone powerful is going to have to come back and set Castiel straight. Why not, Chuck? Some of you people are soooo bent on the fact that Chuck was only a prophet. He might just be a prophet and only a prophet, but remember that God was in hiding this entire time. So WHY NOT pretend to be a human prophet who doesn’t understand anything that’s going on around him? It’s the perfect plan to keep him safe and away from everyone who is trying to find him, but yet still be in the center of it. Chuck is possibly a vessel, just like Lucifer, Michael, and Castiel. I’m not saying he is God. I’m just trying to keep an open mind about what’s to come in the upcoming season. Anyways, I’m sure we will find out 

  • Guest

    guys it is clear that chuck is god.the actor who plays chuck said in an interview that eric kripke told him from the beginning he appeared in the show that he had to do his best because he is playing god!!!the actor said later after season 5 finale that he was very anxious  but hopefully it was easier than he could ever imagined.and  of course he is not a vessel possesed by god!!!god loves people dont treat them like toys!!!!!he is god who has taken a human form!!!he is the perfect god and closer to christian god!!!!god wants people make their own choices!!so he says he is a prophet so dean and sam and the others arent suspicious that knows some things and arent suspicious of course that he doesnt know everythng that will happen!!he says to them only the necesery so they can make their choice!!if you dont understand why chuck is not only god but how the true god should be then you havend understand anything of the show!!!sorry about my english

  • Darren 99

    Dude listen to the other ppl chuuck was not god did you listen to cas wen he told sam and dean so if he was tht amulet thing would have work on chuck

  • Redspriteatnight2

    you know what really upsets me, dean could have sorted out casteil with one kiss long before it got to this point sigh

  • Redspriteatnight2

    you know what really upsets me, dean could have sorted out casteil with one kiss long before it got to this point sigh

  • Matthewyohhana

    he isnt the new God he just is tooo strong to cool i still love cass 
    dean nd sam will figure shitt out sooner or later!

  • Ichibi22

    Firstly whether Chuck is God or not, who cares? Everyone has their own opinions, so can’t we just leave it at that? Secondly, Redspriteatnight2 is right. It’s Dean’s fault their in this mess in the first place. Cas has become the new Super Angel and I’m not sure if Michael and Lucifer even have the power to stop him. Death might though. He did say he was going to reap God, and you can’t kill Death.

  • Lutaxlutax

    omg this serial is so unpredictable. two gods

  • Htid46

    what about the kid the anti christ who turned cas into a toy will he be back ?????

  • viktor10

    I think the Fate will come back..Sam and Dean will summon the Fate for help..

  • Shandi

    yeah, was just thinking, would be a great disguise!! who would have ever guessed it, the writers dont want to give everything away… would make a great twist

  • johnmaltezos

    i am really dissapointed the way things ended in season 6 .. i think the new badass will be cas in season 7 but you know what i would like the new season to be about ?i would love to see dean and sam vs god .well thats what i hoped of course but the screenwriters seem to have taken a different route i also believe chuck will play a small role in the new episodes but not as god that would be a very big letdown ….god should be ….you know GOD!!!!    Opinios?

  • Jimmey Gagne

    cant wait for season 7 :D

  • Eminsajr

    something will happen to castiel with all those souls in him 

  • Archangel

    Maybe Chuck is god but then again, Dean’s amulet would burn, just like Cass sayd…

  • Tmcmill1

    Yes and its apparent that you didn’t pay close attention when YOU watched it cause he evaporated from his chair. A normal human prophet does not have that kind of power. Watch the show a little closer next time before you spit on someone else’s idea. Who just happened to be right and you weren’t! 

  • Tmcmill1

    Where on earth did you get the idea that he was promised a place in heaven? That was never stated in the show! You are making things up. The Angels lied about that. They didn’t promise anyone a place. Seriously, watch the show and pay better attention! Stop telling people that are right and have understood the show better then you that they are wrong.

  • Tmcmill1

    OK morone. Angels have to have a vessel to survive on earth because that is the way God created them. So tell me there are no religions that state God is the same as angels. HE WOULD NOT NEED A VESSEL. SINCE WHEN DOES GOD HAVE TO FOLLOW THE SAME RULES AS HIS ANGELS!

  • Tmcmill1

    Don’t spit on Christians just because they don’t believe the same way you do. Also it doesn’t matter what you believe because the chance of Erik Kripke being an atheist is about 1 to a million. So he would have written in a way that leaned more toward his belief then yours. So do us all a favor and stop acting like you are the all knowing religious expert. You might also want to read about the prophet Luke because he lived long after writting the gospel. SO WHY DIDN’T HE DRIFT OFF TO HEAVEN AFTER HE FINNISHED! GO AHEAD ALL KNOWING ANSWER THAT ONE.

  • Tmcmill1

    Yes he is! I watched that same movie. He clearly states that Erike Kripke asked him how he felt about being God. These people need to watch the movie and then try to argue. Thank you someone with common sense finally!

  • Tmcmill1

    OMG are you from the short bus? This person is not talking about in the show. THAT IS FICTION! We are talking about the actual actor themselves. His name is RobBenedict in real life. He told the camaras that he was God!

  • Tmcmill1

    He states that before he dissappears at the end of the fifth season. He says, “This was a test for Dean and Sam and I think they passed pretty well, after all family is what it’s all about.”

  • Tmcmill1

    It was a test he wanted dean and sam to pass on their own without help.

  • Tmcmill1

    GOD people go back and watch the end of the fifth season before you run your mouths. YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!

  • Tmcmill1

    Why do you think that an angel would be powerful enough to override Gods power. He could easily shield himself from them they’re his creations! Since when do angels have power over God?

  • Tmcmill1

    Really it made no sense to normal people!

  • Tmcmill1

    I actually like that theory that Chuck could have sent Lilith away I never thught about the fact that it never showed an arcangel or talk about it after that. But I don’t think that Cas knew. That could be a twist down the road.

  • Tmcmill1

    God (all powerful!) would have the power to zap that little amulet. Why do you all seem to think that God can be outsmarted? He knows everything, and can do anything.

  • Tmcmill1

    Thank You!

  • Tmcmill1

    Thank you thank you thank you. Finally people with brains!

  • Tmcmill1

    He helped where he could without interferring. But it was a test for Sam and Dean so he wanted them to do it on their own. At the end Chuck states, “This was a test for Sam and Dean and in the end they chose family, even against demons, Angels and even God himself, I think they did pretty well.” 

  • Vegasripper2004

    just to end the argument about chuck, hes referring to it as GODS WORDS, he sees what god wants him to see and writes it. he knows its GODS WORDS. example, if someone were to tell me to pass a message to you and i say my words are (insert name)’s words, it doesnt mean im that person :D

  • Tariq Vescio

    they will probably get death to kill castiel

  • Mattozbey9864

    i rekon the series finale will end by lucifer and michael eascaping the cage somehow bye maybe and angel letting them out or crowley ever

    and then GOD coming in and stopping the fightsomthin along those lines

  • Ks2483

    he is a prophet of god..watch them again obviously. Dont mess with the real supernatural fans.

  • Emily jane horsham

    some one please help me im in britain and i dont know when supernatural is on and me and my dad love it were the 2 number one fans please help me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Evil_teen24

    does anyone know when season seven will screen in New Zealand, ive been dying to see it for months!!

  • Evil_teen24

    hey there.. question… the fate?? who is that and what season did whoever the fate is come into it?? i have seen seasons one through to 5 i am waiting for season 6 and 7

  • ezra

    doesent make sense…he was protected by a ark angel?

  • EZRA

    you not right talking about christains… i am a believer…and GOD IS REAL…do u believe there is air that u breath? but u cant see it! same thing with God my friend. He is there u have to have faith!

  • Misscuddly36

    Hi Emily, if you go to web site 131, they usually tell you what is being aired in the USA. Supernatural is usually aired on a friday in USA and available to download on a saturday. Hope i’ve helped. x x

  • richard

    hello emily what season are you on could you let me no cheers im rich by the way

  • richard

    hello emily what season are you on can you let me no and i might b able help you.

  • richard

    hello emily what season are you on can you let me no and i might b able help you.

  • richard

    hello what season are you on emily could you let me no i might b able to help you

  • richard

    hello what season are you on emily could you let me no i might b able to help you

  • Ros Salerno

    Live in Britain and Supernatural Season 6 finished, can anyone say when season 7 will be shown?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001451805935 Matt Hardy’ Ozbey

    1stly im the number 1 fan lol


    its in turkish lol but u can translate,the option will come up

  • littlegurlx

    Will you all please SHUT UP about Chuck being God or not and tell me WHEN SUPERNATURAL SEASON 7 WILL BE AIRING IN NEW ZEALAND?!?!?!?! -.-”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/DQELFUA7RFNWXNKQCC7MR2JGT4 Anthony

    I iz god bitches :) . You will see me in season 8 .