Supernatural Season 7 Episode 8 “Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!” Promo

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November 5, 2011

Check out the first promo to Supernatural season 7 episode 8 titled “Season Seven, Time for a Wedding!”.

  • Hiphopsimone


  • Bbking

    pamela, or bela

  • Bbking

    must be pamela or bela, ’cause, their hair was slighly curly, and ruby hair was not. Could be Jess too, because her hair was not so blonde in season 4 when she acted like lucifer.

  • Eddyvanhalen
    definitely Jess, look it in HD and try to focus on her eyes, which are almost invisible, but has that thing about her..

  • Ericclapton

    pamela or jess, end of story.

    if sam were under some kind of hipnosis then ill bet for meg(my god the vessels she used were so hot and sexy xD)

  • Adrian Prieto

    if they are bringing some one that its already dead, it could also be lilith

  • -anonymous-

    If she’s blond it has to be jessica of ruby..but their both dead.. so..who’s the heck is she!

  • RogerWaters

    it could be an alternate reality, like the titanic episode…
    But, hey, every chick that we’ve seen more than once is already dead.
    Pamela, Jess, Ruby, Bela, they are all dead, which means that the background story developed around the time that Sam was pissed to Dean.
    Also, if you check carefully, there is a portion of the hair dyed to blonde, the rest is brunette.

  • SPN Fan

    Umm… The only living female characters that would make sense are Meg and Becky. And the hair in the promo definitely reminds me of Meg.

    If the spoilers are true, the character is one we’ve seen more than once, so that rules out Sarah Blake. Pamela, Bela, Ruby, Lilith, Ellen, Jo, Jess, and Anna are already dead, so unless it’s an alternate reality episode or they’re bringing back ghosts, it shouldn’t be any of them. Sheriff Mills wouldn’t make much sense considering they’re shipping her with Bobby, and I can’t really see them bringing Lisa back either. There’s also Tessa, but I always thought she was closer to Dean anyways. 

    The only recurring female characters I can think of that would make sense (assuming this episode isn’t just a dream) would be Meg and Becky.

  • Hollibean151

    Wow people really??? It’s obviously Becky lol look up the promo frm chch on YouTube,there is a diff clip and in one part dean is talking and if u pause it u see a “supernatural book” poster bend him…she walks like Becky it’s Becky trust

  • caswinchester

    Lol told you guys it was Sam knew it! But after watching that, now im not convinced its a proper marrige, know i have no idea what it could actully be but mabye Deans stumbled into a parralell universe, omg guys im getting excited! What if its that thing that was in season 4 (ithink) that geunie guy who made your dreams come true before you die sorta thing, look it up he was a blue geunie with tattoes everywhere, and its gone normal again, but Dean obviously remebers…….god thats one of my best ideas ever, it better be that! :D!!!

  • caswinchester

    Wait……….mabye its Sarah from season 1! We never heard from her again!