Supernatural Season 7 Episode 22 “There Will Be Blood” Sneak Peek

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May 7, 2012

Bobby shows up to send Dean in the right direction regarding the bloods they need to take down the Leviathans, but angry ghost symptoms have Dean worried about him. Check out this first sneak peek for Friday’s Supernatural, Season 7 Episode 22 “There Will Be Blood.”

  • Guest

    First Sam is crazy… then Cass goes crazy, and now Bobby…
    Supernatural is going all nuthouse.

  • Cindys842

    Anyone dealing with the crap these guys deal with would go crazy…Bobby is no more angry than Dean. I seem to remember a few times he’s lost his temper.

  • Guest

    4×22 S04E22

    He lost his temper and taunted Dean(juuuuuuuust a bit)