Supernatural Season 7 Episode 21 “Reading Is Fundamental” Sneak Peek 2

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May 4, 2012

Could the tablet, or as Cas calls it, “the word from the vault of the earth,” have been written by a Transformer? Not quite, as shown in this second sneak peek for tonight’s episode of Supernatural, Season 7 Episode 21 “Reading Is Fundamental.” (Yep, this is definitely a Ben Edlund episode!)

  • Guest

    Wasnt Metatoron an angel in the biblic’s lore?(as much as silent hill’s lore?)

  • HugePenis

    Its spelled metatron and yes, its an angel, in the biblic lore it is said that Enoc was turned into Metatron, but there is another Metatron… So as It could be the name of a single angel it also be a title…
    But HEY! today we will say two unseen arcangels, so prepare for surprises

  • TinnyWinnie

    So I guess that the Vault of the Earth is Purgatory

  • Cindys842

    I love reading about this lore too.  I posted about this a couple days ago on Supernatural HQ on facebook.  Interesting name you got there, HugePenis.

  • HugePenis

     Im not a very modest person jajaja.
    Maybe I Think too high of myself