Supernatural Season 7 Episode 16 “Out With the Old” Guide

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February 23, 2012

Check out the official guide for Supernatural Season 7 Episode 16, “Out With the Old,” airing March 16 on the CW.


  • After a ballerina is found dead from dancing herself to death, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) look into the case and discover the ballet slippers she wore were cursed.
  • When Dean accidentally touches the shoes the power of the curse starts to take hold of him.
  • Cindy Shufelt Givens

    Well if she danced herself to death because dance was her passion what will Dean do? When Famine came to town Dean was immune because he indulged his passions. He’s passionatly obsessed with hunting Roman but he’s been restraining himself so I imagine he’ll jump in the Impala to confront the Leviathans.

  • Carolynebs

    Dean the dancing Queen!!!

  • C-Note

    Dean was immune to Famine because he was dead inside.