Supernatural Season 7 Episode 13 “The Slice Girls” Guide

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January 12, 2012

Check out the official guide for Supernatural Season 7 Episode 13, “The Slice Girls,” airing February 3 on the CW.



  • Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate a case where the victims’ hands and feet have been severed and each have been branded with a strange symbol.
  • While Sam does some research at a local university, Dean heads to one of his favorite places to investigate – the town bar.
  • Dean strikes up a conversation with a local named Lydia (guest star Sara Canning, “The Vampire Diaries”), and the two go back to her place.
  • Sam discovers the symbol on the bodies is a sign of Amazon warriors.
  • Noybusiness

    There are no symbols for Amazons. There is no book or website that can tell you what an Amazon symbol looks like. Whatever happened to urban legends? Amazons?! The show has become a legend blender.

    Also, given that the working title was “Knocked Up”, I have a bad feeling this will be mpreg.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid episode.

  • Cindy Shufelt

    Supernatural has always deviated from  the accepted myth and legend. For example the show gave it’s own unique spin on changelings, vampires, and kitsune etc. But to say they are no  Amazon symbols I am not so sure. The double axe is considered one symbol of Amazons.  If the show decides to use more ancient myths and legends that you find in the works of Robert Graves, Helen Diner, Barbara Walker, James Fraser, Jeannine Davis-Kimball, PW Joyce, Peter Berresford Ellis and Jeffrey Gantz to name a only a few of the books I have it can add interesting plots to the show.

  • Rich

    Urban legends storyline has been done thoroughly. It’s amusing how you’re calling something stupid before watching it. Just shut up! I cant stand damn internet whiners.

  • Cindy Shufelt

    There are symbols for Amazons. The Labrys, a double bladed battle-axe, is one symbol. The show has always had dieties and the Amazons were not just warriors they were the priestesses of the older religion that the patriarchal Judeo-Christian exterminated. You can read about the Amazons in the following books: Priestesses by Norma Lorre Goodrich, The Greek Myths, The White Goddess by Robert Graves, Warrior Women by Jeannine Davis-Kimball, there are other books by Merlin Stone who wrote When God was a Woman, and Mothers and Amazons written by Helen Diner. I found numerous web sites on Amazons years ago as well since this is an interest of mine.