Supernatural Season 7 Episode 11 “Adventures in Babysitting” Promo

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December 3, 2011

Here’s the first promo for Supernatural season 7 episode 11 “Adventures in Babysitting” which returns next month on January 6th.

  • Neko

    am i the only one to think of this music as awesome???
    what am i going to do until january? v.v

  • Sarah

    OMG!!!!!! its cas who is standing over sam on the floor!!!!!!!! 

  • Cass

    get the dragon balls we need to bring bobbi back!

  • Shyloe

    nah if you pause the video you can see it is two girls. =-(

  • A Dean Girl

    We have to wait until January? December is now the month of re-watching old episodes then. ;~;

  • Fjackie

    lol agreed

  • Telmosilvas

    what the neme of the music

  • Saundra Carter

    I love the music they play on Supernatural!! I think the song on this commercial is Konqistador-courage riot

  • Ronnie


  • bobbyfan

    dude i wished like hell they could summon the eternal dragon and wish bobby back, but i dont see it happening :(

  • matie

    do somebody know name of last song part 11 of season 7?…thanks

  • John

    TRAFFIC – Dear Mr.Fantasy

  • Eric

    Hey can sombody tell me the name of the song in the beggining?? Thanks ^^

  • luc