Supernatural Season 7 Episode 1 BTS Photos and Major Castiel Spoilers!

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July 22, 2011

See Misha while you still can, because with these major spoilers coming, Cas is in a lot of trouble. Plus the rest of the gang is all here, with photos of Jensen, Jared, and Jim on location in Vancouver. Now on to the spoilers!

  • The title of Episode 1 of Season 7 is “Meet the New Boss.” Is he the same as the old boss?
  • Several of the photos show about a dozen angels in a garden and then Cas surrounded by the bodies of dead angels. According to an observer Misha said the lines, “It’s a new day. On Earth and in heaven. Rejoice.” I don’t think the dead guys are rejoicing much! Think the dead angels could be old followers of Raphael?
  • Action then moved to a mansion where the boys and Bobby performed a summoning spell that used some of Sam’s blood.
  • Who were they summoning? Death! He is bound, and Dean gives him a bag of take-out food to appease him.

So there you have it, fans. If they follow what Dean said in Season 5, Death will reap God. And with Cas as the “new God,” I’m thinking things don’t go very well for him. What do you think will happen? Be sure to post your thoughts in the Comments!

Sources: scoop_photo, newsflic

  • Cindy Shufelt

    Cas, will be missed but what about Jimmy, his vessel? And Claire, his daughter who was also of the same bloodline and therefore a possible vessel?

  • Anonymous

    I doubt Supernatural is getting rid of Cas that fast. I suppose he will pop up in some episodes and the season finale will give us a showdown.
    Cas vs. the brothers Winchester.
    Until then I don’t see Cas or the boys die…..permanently. 

  • Newenglandjenn

    Technically, Jimmy Novak should be dead, since Sam stabbed Cas in the back.

  • Newenglandjenn

    I really want to see Cas and the boys make up.  He deserves at least that!  To write him off in a bad light would be such a shame.

  • SamuelColt#2

    yeah, but as you remember when we first met Cas, they shot him with a shotgun and multiple other things and that didnt harm Jimmy 

  • FrozInferno

    Although I really really liked Cas… I think his “transformation” has made him drunk with power… I think the Bobby and the Winchesters are going to try to find the “real” God Almighty himself… didn’t Dean have a necklace that would do that? Track down the necklace… Track down all the big bad honchos they’ve met in the past plus a few more… And figure a literal term for the meaning “Finding God”

  • Cindy Shufelt

    Perhaps Jimmy will be healed as  a reward for his devoutness. Raphael did say Ken Lay got into Heaven since devoutness trumps all.