Supernatural Season 6 Spoilers: Will our boys be settling down with lady loves?

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August 24, 2010

For all you fans out there who don’t want to see Dean settling down with Lisa, or either of the boys with any female for that matter, there’s good news, courtesy of this spoiler from Fancast:

Got anything on ‘Supernatural‘? – Beth
Jared Padalecki will seize the spotlight as Season 6 launches Sept. 24, when “Sam comes back under mysterious circumstances – as people tend to do when they get out of Hell!” show runner Sera Gamble shares with a chuckle. And though the bros have the Apocalypse behind them, don’t worry about them kicking back with historically disposable love interests. “No, what the boys need is to be hunters, to save people while probably suffering a lot in their personal life on every level,” says Gamble. “That’s what makes them heroes.”