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Supernatural Season 6 Episode 15 "The French Mistake" Sera Gamble Interview

Supernatural Season 6 Episode 15 "The French Mistake" Sera Gamble Interview

TV Guide talked to executive producer Sera Gamble about tomorrow night's meta episode, and she gives us a peek at the method behind the madness of this sure-to-be classic.

The title of the episode is a reference to the song at the end of the movie Blazing Saddles about breaking the fourth wall. Gamble says, "We chose the title as a winking nod to that concept." Eric Kripke was involved in the breakdown of the story with writer Ben Edlund because it was too much fun to not be a part of.

So will Friday's show be all funny, or will there be some serious stuff thrown in? Gamble explains:

Some parts are just fall down funny and of course there are moments of real danger for the guys. We find moments to muse on what all of this could mean and we slip in a couple of beats that are important for mythology. So Sam and Dean find themselves on the set of this show Supernatural, which seems to be eerily about their lives. And they're on a set that looks like Bobby's house. The director of the episode is someone who calls himself Bob Singer...We were cognizant of the fact that those jokes are very inside in that 30 Rock kind of way and that not everybody knows about the television industry. Not everybody wants to know all about Hollywood and the process of making television. So we tried to make sure that the episode is accessible. It was about putting Sam and Dean in a situation that they had never been in before. We are not just navel-gazing in this episode.

Do Sam and Dean enjoy their foray into acting. Not so much...

Nothing is more boring to Sam and Dean than the idea of being on a set and acting and pretending to be hunters. This is about as far as we can take them. Being on a TV set is far, far scarier to Sam and Dean than being in a haunted house.

Okay, acting's not their bag, but what do they really have to be afraid of?

The reason that they were launched into this perilous world to begin with was to try and outrun an angelic threat and we keep that threat alive throughout the episode. That's in addition to all of the classic Wizard of Oz type threats that you can think of, meaning what happens if they can't get home.

When Genevieve Padalecki first shows up, Sam and Dean think she's really Ruby the demon, not "Jared's" wife. Will Gamble also be making an appearance?

Sera Gamble is a disembodied voice on the phone. Our production is in Vancouver and our writers' office is here in Los Angeles. I do a lot of my producing on conference calls with the producers who are up there. So there's a moment in the show where they have to call down to Los Angeles and they hear the disembodied voice of Sera Gamble.

There are also other true-to-life aspects of the episode, including the sets and the people on them:

We used our sets so they look like our sets. We cast a lot of people who very much resemble the people who work on our sets every day. It really is a shocking glimpse into our show. We kind of looked at each other and said — "Are we really going to do this?" [Laughs] There was nervous laughter in the writers' room. This idea has been pitched over the years a few times — by [series creator] Eric [Kripke] mostly. We have this philosophy on the show that we should always go for the ballsiest idea. And this was by far the ballsiest idea on the table.

Gamble says the next ballsy episode is the upcoming Western. Another thing for fans to look forward to on this wonderful, underappreciated show.