Supernatural Season 6 Episode 12 “Like a Virgin” Watch With Kristin Spoilers

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February 1, 2011

A return to the best of the brotherliness we know and love? Check! Great performances by both actors? Check! Dean fighting with a large rock? Che…huh?! Let Watch With Kristin explain in spoilers for Friday’s episode:

BrunetteNoel (via Twitter): Supernatural!
This Friday’s episode of Supernatural (preempted from last Friday) is destined to be a classic installment of the series. We’re not supposed to divulge too much about the Sam stuff, but we can tell you that the best of Dean and Sam’s brother dynamic is in play. Despite that fact that he’s now a huge scary Sasquatch, we saw a lot of season-one Sam in Jared Padalecki’s performance. Oh, and the Dean stuff is high-larious, as it involves a fight with a large rock. God bless Jensen Ackles for being able to deliver the silliness as well as the one-single-perfect-tear sentiment.