Supernatural Season 6 Episode 12 “Like a Virgin” Spoiler Snippets

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January 26, 2011

Zap2It got themselves a sneak peek at Friday’s all-new episode, and they have compiled a list of spoilers of what we can look forward to seeing. This sounds like it’s gonna be a good one!

  • Friday’s episode will introduce a new Big Bad that will make Lucifer seem tame by comparison.
  • Sam has his soul back, and he does wake up in the episode, but the “Great Wall in his head may not be as durable as Dean had hoped.”
  • Expect B-horror-movie goodness with virgins in a cage, plus “the coolest dragon ever.”
  • For once in a long while Dean and Sam stop lying to each other and appear to be on the same page–at least for now.
  • Look for great physical comedy from Jensen, plus the one-liners and pop-culture references we all know and love. And who knew Bobby is a Harry Potter fan?
  • Speaking of Bobby, he hasn’t forgetten that Sam tried to kill him not too long ago.
  • Castiel “plays an essential role in the relationship between Sam and Dean,” and is awesome as always.
  • They recommend we keep tissues handy.

Are you as excited as I am to see Friday’s episode?