More details on Castiel’s angel lieutenant and the Old West episode

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January 19, 2011

A couple of days ago we posted spoilers regarding the upcoming appearance of Castiel’s angel lieutenant, Rachel, and a visit to the Old West in the second half of the season. Now TV Guide and Michael Ausiello give us more details.

You know what would be great? Some Supernatural scoop! — Hannah
ADAM: The show is calling all angels — or at least one more. I hear she’s kind of a badass who doesn’t suffer fools gladly and that she’s extremely loyal to Castiel.

Question: It seems like it’s been forever since there was some big Supernatural scoop? — Jeff
Ausiello: Oh, really? Well, have you heard that Cass is getting a sidekick? Because he is. Rachel — as yet uncast — will be a pretty twentysomething angel with a finely tuned BS detector. Also, when Sam and Dean visit the Old West later this season, they’ll meet, ironically, an Easterner: Samuel Colt, a middle-aged hunter who’s tarnished his own legend by becoming more interested in pouring his next drink than firing his next shot. You reckon he’ll be able to help them dispatch Elias Finch, the innocent specter out for vengeance after being hung?