Misha Collins on ‘Supernatural’ Season 7: The Boys Will Be a Thorn in Cas’s Side

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July 29, 2011

Sam and Dean know they face a pretty insurmountable problem in the form of the new, all-powerful God-Cas. As Misha Collins told EW, his character isn’t grooving on how the boys are treating him in Season 7:

“[Sam and Dean] are being kind of a pain in the ass, honestly. They need to be whipped into shape a little bit, in my humble opinion…It’s hard to talk about without ruining it for you. But I sort of start the season off letting sleeping dogs lie with them because they are completely powerless and ineffectual against me. Of course, they end up being a thorn in my side—as they always tend to do.”

But Collins hopes there will be redemption for his character, because he has grown to care for him:

“Having lived with him for the last three years, Cas definitely has a soft spot in my heart. I have an affection for the character, and I would like to see him redeemed somehow. I hope that happens for Cas. I don’t know how much—or if that’s going to happen. But I hope so. Because I kind of like the guy.”

Do you think there’s hope for Castiel?

  • Laura-g-123

    yeh they wont destroy such a loved character whom people come to see as much as sam, dean and bobby