Mark Sheppard Talks Crowley in 'Supernatural' Season 7

Mark Sheppard Talks Crowley in 'Supernatural' Season 7

Crowley's the guy some people love to hate. Others hate to love him. But if you're like me, it's an unapologetic love affair. So what did his portrayer, Mark Sheppard, tell TVLine about what Crowley will be up to in Season 7?

Turns out Mark is a bit of a coy one. He didn't want to give Ausiello too many particulars, saying:

“Look at the Season 7 trailer [shown at Comic-Con]. There’s a shot of me in the trailer, so obviously I must appear somewhere at the beginning of the season, doing something. You never know — maybe I appear for five seconds and get blown up? [Laughs] You never know, man.”

I think he's gonna be in it more than he's letting on, don't you think?

Mark then gave his take on Castiel's new godly status:

“It’s not really a promotion, is it? He managed to consume those souls, so we’ll see what happens as a result. I think Crowley’s in the ‘Better you than me, mate’ camp — if he gets a chance to comment on it!”

Do you think Crowley will be around in Season 7?