Jewel Staite Talks About Tonight’s “The Girl Next Door” Episode: Sam’s First Supernatural Kiss, Eating Brains, More Spoilers

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October 7, 2011

Jewel Staite is guest-starring on Supernatural this Friday in “The Girl Next Door” episode that Jensen [Ackles] directed. She had an interview with TV Guide where she talked about her character, how it was working with Jensen and of course – revealed some spoilers.

Staite plays a demon who knew Sam when they were both children. Despite her habit of eating brains, they struck up an adolescent romance. More than a decade later, Sam will investigate a case in which he’ll again encounter his childhood friend.

More about her character Amy:

“She’s a special type of demon, but she’s a demon with a heart of gold. She’s just doing what she must to survive and take care of herself and her family. She’s Sam’s long-lost love from childhood and she kind of comes back and takes him by surprise and throws him for a bit of a loop.”

She clarifies how exactly she eats those brains:

“She sort of sucks out the brains. It’s not as messy as it sounds. It’s a clean demon-killing.”

On whether she only targets low-life victims:

“She tries her best to do that, but sometimes the hunger is too much and she kind of slips up.”

Little bit more about the relationship history that Amy has with Sam:

“The most important part of their relationship history is that I was his first kiss. Amy was Sam’s first demon kiss.”

It seems she also has a family, a son:

“She has a son that she’s trying to take care of. He takes precedence over everything else. I think she has a soft spot for Sam and she cares about him. They have good memories together I think. She doesn’t want to hurt him, but she will if she has to in order to protect her son.”

She comments on whether her role might be recurring:

“Well, I don’t want to give too much away, but I would absolutely be willing to. That crew was so much fun. All they do is laugh on that set.”

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