Jensen Previews 'Supernatural' Season 7

Jensen Previews 'Supernatural' Season 7

Jensen Ackles gave some great spoilers to TV Guide regarding what we can expect when Supernatural returns for Season 7 on September 23. Read on for info on Cas, the new Big Bad(s), Jo, and Jensen's second directing effort.

  • The new season picks off right where the last season left off:

"Castiel [Misha Collins] looks at Sam and Dean and tells them that they're essentially ants in the scheme of things. Now that he's God, he has no need for them and to stay out of his way...When they track Cas down, they realize that when he took in all those monsters souls from purgatory, there were much older things that got into him as well."

  • There isn't just one Big Bad, but several. Death gives Sam and Dean the info they need on Cas and the new evils they will battle in the first half of the season. These new baddies don't just want to kill the boys, they want to take over the planet. Which means Dean and Sam will have to save the world yet again!
  • Crowley is hiding from Cas, and gets into a "I'll help you if you help me" arrangement with the boys.
  • Jo will return despite her death in Season 5, and Jensen said it will be a sweet scene:

"She's brought back as kind of a materialized blast from the past when Dean is put on trial by an ancient Egyptian god who calls a few witnesses to the stand. It's a heartwarming scene between the two of them."

  • Jensen gave more details on his second directing effort, which he said was more challenging this time around. The episode will air on October 7:

"Sam takes off on his own. He catches a case that he's familiar with back from 1998. He was left home to do research while Dad and Dean were off hunting creatures, and he wound up running into the creatures himself. He had to make a very tough decision when he meets a girl and he's smitten. Now he's tracking her as a grown up."

I can't wait for the new season to start! How about you?