Jared Talks About a “Tortured” Sam for ‘Supernatural’ Season 7

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July 25, 2011

Now that his wall has come down, what shape will Sam be in when Season 7 starts? Jared gave some spoilers to Zap2It on what we can expect.

  • When Season 7 opens, we’ll see a Sam who is “tortured but refusing to let himself be tortured. As always, the Winchesters are bearing their burdens with honor and with courage.”
  • Dean becomes increasingly worried about his brother. “Dean, obviously, is going ‘Um, you alright man? You’re kind of passing out on us; you’re talking to yourself,’ so Dean’s a little freaked out by it,” Padalecki explained.
  • Sam knows he has a problem and is determined to deal with it:

“Sam’s feeling is ‘Look, I get it. I get that you’re afraid, I can see why, but I’m dealing with… my issue. I have this problem, I understand it, it’s not going to go away, I’m not just going to say ‘No I’m healed.’ Sam had a tendency to say ‘No, I’m better, look,’ and smile. ‘Let’s have a beer.’ But now Sam’s saying ‘No, I’m not okay but I’m dealing with it.’”

  • This new Sam has been hard for Jared as an actor to play:

“Soulless Sam, I don’t want to say it was easy. But I had something that I could tell myself. I was just trying to think absolutely no emotion, pure reason. He thought that there was no attachment, there was no nothing. This year, I’m yet to see how it’s going to manifest itself. If they’ve done it in the writers’ room I haven’t seen the script yet. So I as an actor don’t yet know how it’s going to turn out, so that’s difficult to logistically play.”