Jared & Jensen Talk Levianthan, Guilty Dean, &...a Wedding?!?!

Jared & Jensen Talk Levianthan, Guilty Dean, &...a Wedding?!?!

Now that Sam and Dean are without allies, possibly even Bobby, they have only each other to rely on to escape from the new Big Bads, the Leviathan. And these baddies are a clever lot, as Jensen told TVLine:

“The Leviathan are trying to weed us out, and they’ve come up with different scenarios, different schemes to do so. One of them is getting the cops basically put on our trail and really making us like America’s Most Wanted, which doesn’t help us because as soon as [the Leviathan] know that we are being locked up or being detained in some facility, we’re…. [sitting ducks].”

As if this isn’t enough for the boys to deal with, Dean has to defend himself for “a laundry list of things he feels guilty about” when an Egyptian God puts him on trial in Episode 4:

“There’s the responsibility of his brother and having to watch over him, feeling like he let him down all the time. Now there’s the whole Cas issue. He didn’t get to him in time. He wasn’t able to help him out and save him.”

And the issues continue to go way, way back – “all the way to his father,” said Ackles – so “there’s just a mound of guilt that has built itself up on Dean’s shoulders and that he constantly wears around.”

As for Sam, who isn’t put on trial despite having done his share of guilty things like drinking demon blood and opening Lucifer’s portal, Jared said:

“He understands he’s served his time…He tried to do the right thing over and over again, and he’s like, ‘You know what? I made a few mistakes, but…I think I’ve done more good than bad. The scales of Justice are still tipped in my favor.’”

Unfortunately for Sam, his wall troubles are never going to fully go away, and it’s something he’s going to have to cope with permanently. Which just adds to Dean’s worries about him.

So where’s the funny in all this? Would a wedding do? The November 18 episode, titled “Season 7, Time For a Wedding,” should quench your meta thirst. And yes, one of the boys is the groom.