Is This the Last Season of ‘Supernatural’?

Is This the Last Season of ‘Supernatural’?

Will we have to say goodbye to the Winchester boys after Season 7? Not if new CW boss Mark Pedowitz has anything to say about it.

According to Pedowitz, the upcoming season is “not intended” to be the show’s final one. But as with all shows, it’s still a numbers game:

"We'll see where the ratings go. I personally hope, and everybody at the CW hopes, that this show keeps on going. So for the moment we're looking at it one season at a time."

Pedowitz also shared what he thought were the secrets behind the show’s success:

"It's about the love of two brothers. It's not about the demon of the week. It's about the love of two brothers and two really good looking guys."

Meanwhile, Supernatural has received an order for an additional episode for Season 7, bringing the season total to 23 episodes.

Source: E!Online