Supernatural: Episode Title and Casting Call

Supernatural: Episode Title and Casting Call

Two small spoiler tidbits to tide you over until tomorrow night's episode. These are episodes that should air after the Olympics.

First off, the 100th episode, Episode 18, is titled "Point of No Return." Hmmm, that doesn't sound good!

Second, here's a casting call for Episode 19, "OMFG," looking for a hot Indian woman lawyer. I believe Kali is the name of an Indian goddess; wonder if that has any significance...

[KALI] (20-30’s).. A beautiful Indian woman, wearing stilettos, pencil skirt and a low cut top, she looks like the hottest lawyer you've ever seen. Intimidating, calm, powerful, always in control, sensual with a sensitive side, but can be deadly when she wants something. She’s a leader with plans and the determination to put them in place.sptv050769..GUEST STAR (4)

Source: SpoilerTV