Coming up: more Cas & Bobby, a mother’s return, & a relationship’s conclusion

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March 15, 2011

More spoilers from Paley Fest, courtesy of EW’s Spoiler Room! Jim Beaver says we will see more of the group dynamic between the 4 guys, and Jensen spills on Mama Winchester’s return and the conclusion to the Lisa and Ben story. Enjoy!

So, we all know you went to the Supernatural panel at PaleyFest. So DISH! — Amanda
How ever did you know? It was probably the sound of the heaven’s opening up that alerted you. Anyway, to add to the season finale scoop I posted this weekend, Jim Beaver also told me that as we cruise through the rest of the season we can expect to see a lot more of a group dynamic, meaning more Bobby and Cas!! “The last few episodes of the season are very much a team effort. My sense of it is it’s not a lot of us going off on our separate ways. It’s a lot of us working together on the big questions facing us and we answer a few of them – but not all of them,” he said. As for what questions will be answered, he couldn’t say much, but offered up this extreme tease: “Certain relationships among the group have some rather climactic shifts. Don’t expect the four of us to all be relating the same way at the end of the season as we were at the beginning.” The sound you hear now, is my heart thumping in fear.

So happy for you that you finally met the Supernatural boys. I’m hoping you brought some scoop back for us! — Jen
Was my desperation that obvious? And yes, I bring you back word on the big reappearance of Momma Winchester (Samantha Smith) in one of the future episodes. Jensen Ackles hinted that her return may not be a welcomed one. “She comes back under some different circumstances. And whenever she shows her face – especially for Dean – it’s very difficult and very emotional,” he told me. “Especially when she comes back different and is trying to trick them or a demon is using her to lure them into something. We just shot a scene with Sam, who’s fantastic, and we love it when she comes back for any reason. Evil or not.”

Please bring us scoop on Supernatural! – Megan
Do I detect a theme here? All right, so despite a montage hinting that we’d reached a conclusion to the Lisa and Ben story, Ackles told me there will be a more definitive end to the story of Dean’s domestication and time with the mother-son pair. “That, I believe, is going to be a weak point or an achilles heel at some point,” he said. “There’s definitely a conclusion that comes, and it’s a very emotional conclusion.” And as we all know, their crying makes for the best episodes.