Bring on the Castiel Spoilers!

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March 16, 2011

Castiel, this is your life! Ben Edlund spills that we will see Cas taking stock of his life, and get an insight into the mechanics of Heaven, and Eric Kripke shares what Cas will do to stop Raphael and the other evil forces in the heavenly war. Enjoy the spoilers!

Question: Any scoop on the Cas-centric episode of Supernatural? —Tammy
Ausiello: Who better to tackle that question then Ben Edlund, the writer/director behind the May sweeps outing: “It’s kind of him looking over his life. And as we move toward the end of this season, Cas is going to make some very, very big, difficult choices. He takes stock of what his life is as an angel and what it’s been since the Winchesters came into it and what that’s meant to him. It’s a pretty interesting character portrait [and] it leads to a pretty interesting path. We’ll [also] see some elements of Heaven, a very kaleidoscopic place. We’ll reveal some things about the mechanics of Heaven.”

What’s going to happen with Castiel (Misha Collins) and Raphael on Supernatural? — Nathan
NATALIE: We’ll let executive producer Eric Kripke lay it out for you: “The battle with Raphael and the war in heaven gets hotter and hotter. Castiel’s really backed against a corner as he’s just battling to stop the evil forces in heaven,” Kripke says. “He’s assembling as powerful an arsenal as he possibly can,” Collins adds. “He’s going to use all of those weapons to the best of his ability.” One of those weapons is Castiel’s lieutenant angel, Rachel, who viewers will soon meet.

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