Supernatural Boss Talks A New Face on the Hunt for Dean, Mark of Cain & More!

Supernatural Boss Talks A New Face on the Hunt for Dean, Mark of Cain & More!

Supernatural exec producer Jeremy Carver spoke with EW's Sam Highfill to fill in more season 10 details we're all excited to know about. 

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We meet a new face who's also hunting for Dean:

 It gets very interesting in that Sam is hunting down his brother, who he eventually will discover is a demon—he doesn’t know that on the onset—and with the hopes of saving him or curing him in some way. While you’ve [also] got this character of Cole, who is hunting down Dean for entirely different reasons. It’s going to cause all kinds of complications, and the character of Cole is someone who will evolve from how we see him to something very different once he finally does come face-to-face with Dean.

A dark beginning for Sam:

I think historically, Sam has been the brother that has gone around the bend a little bit—when he became a demon with the demon blood and everything—so picking up from last season, Sam finds himself in something of the position of protector. That’s a bit of the flip for the boys. It’s something that Sam takes very seriously coming into this season while also having to deal with some of the things he did, which are morally questionable, while on the hunt for Dean. When asked if things will get darker than that one time Sam, you know, didn’t have a soul. I’ll leave that to people to decide. Again, it’s morally dubious given the pursuit that Sam is on, but yes: If one were to pluck it out in isolation without any context, I think one could say yeah, that was pretty dark. 

Expect for the Mark of Cain to be present:

They’re going to see new difficulties in trying to cure Dean, because 1) There’s not a demon possessing Dean. This is Dean’s own soul that was twisted, so that’s a bit unique. And 2) It’s not just the demon-ness that’s the problem, it’s the Mark of Cain. So there’s some added dimensions here in terms of levels of difficulty. First and foremost, the boys will be worried about the Mark. “It’s still around, and it’s very much a question for the first run of episodes if it still has an effect on Dean or not. And it’s very much on the boys’ minds as they plot out a game plan for the next batch of episodes after Dean is healed. In other words, the boys are very much focused on healing their relationship and healing one another. 

 On the 200th musical episode:

Will ‘Carry on My Wayward Son’ be involved? How do I answer this? I can say, sure. There will be ‘Carry On My Wayward Son’ in one form or another. There it is. There’s your spoiler.