Alona Tal Previews Jo's Return in Tonight's 'Supernatural'

Alona Tal Previews Jo's Return in Tonight's 'Supernatural'

Last we saw Alona Tal's hunter Jo in Season 5, she was about to die, heroically sacrificing herself to protect the boys from approaching hellhounds. In tonight's episode, Jo returns to take part in a trial by the Egyptian god Osiris, who's judging Dean for all his guilt, particularly his guilt over Jo's sacrifice because of her love for him. Alona talked to TVLine about tonight's episode.

Alona said that Jo has changed, gaining a sense of peace that she did not have when she was alive:

"I think that there’s a level of – this is all assumption — but they say when somebody dies, there’s clarity that comes with it, and there’s a different level of comfortability. That uneasiness that people have when they’re alive, from the stories we’ve heard, seems to go away when one is dead because you’re in the spirit world. It’s a completely different world. She’s just relaxed and not angry."

What is Dean's reaction in seeing her again?

"From what I could tell, just surprise. … Imagine somebody you care about that you obviously have guilt issues over and then you see their face. There’s so much you want to say, and I think that’s what you get from him. He wants to say more. And he wants to have a better communication."

Will Jo and Dean get closure?

"Everybody will have to see it and [decide] for themselves. ‘Cause there are interesting exchanges between them."

You can see Alona as Jo tonight at 9 pm on the CW.