5 MORE Things You’ll Love About Supernatural Season 6 Episode 15 “The French Mistake”

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February 24, 2011

As promised, here are 5 more things BuddyTV says we’ll love about tomorrow night’s meta episode, which they call their favorite episode of Supernatural of all time! I know some fans don’t like the more comedic episodes of the show, but I am not one of them. And the fact that the episode is written by Ben Edlund makes me even more excited. But enough about me! On to that list of spoilers: 

  • “The characters in the alternate universe make a lot of references to Jared and Jensen’s relationship off the set, and luckily for us, Sam and Dean are a lot closer than their fake real-life counterparts.”
  • A clip from Season 1 episode “Scarecrow” where Meg slits the trucker’s throat and his blood falls into the goblet is included in the “Then” package at the beginning of the show, and it’s there for a very good reason.
  • Items in Jensen’s trailer include a toy helicopter and soothing music. Apparently Jared makes a lot more money than him, because Jared’s house is, and I quote, “redonkulous,” and full of great sight gags and egotistical artwork.
  • The episode features actors playing the not-as-well-known, behind-the-scenes people, such as the show’s stunt coordinator, the first assistant director, the director of photography, one of the producers, and Jared and Jensen’s bodyguard/driver. Nice to see them getting some recognition.
  • There are scenes of Sera Gamble and her struggles after taking over as showrunner from Eric Kripke, and let’s just say Sera has a great sense of humor about herself.

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough! I can’t wait to see this episode. What about you?