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Super Fun Night Episode 15 "Cookie Prom" Guide

Super Fun Night Episode 15 "Cookie Prom" Guide

superfunnightHere's the official guide of Super Fun Night episode 15 "Cookie Prom". This episode is slated to air on Wednesday, Feb. 5 at 9:30PM ET on ABC.

  • After law firm big wig Porter Warner (guest star Bob Saget) advises Kimmie to act more professional, she starts calling herself "Kimberly" and looks to Kendall for advice.
  • But friends Helen-Alice and Marika fear that the new and improved Kimmie may be too cool for their 10th annual Cookie Prom, a celebration of their disastrous high school prom.

"Super Fun Night" stars Rebel Wilson as Kimmie Boubier, Liza Lapira as Helen-Alice, Lauren Ash as Marika, Kevin Bishop as Richard Royce and Kate Jenkinson as Kendall.

Guest starring are Bob Saget as Porter Warner, Matt Lucas as Derrick, Ravi Patel as Alex, Lilly Mae Harrington as geeky girl #1, Ramona Young as geeky girl #2 and Amy Vorpahl as snarling Hannah.?

"Cookie Prom" was written by Dan Hernandez & Ben Samit and directed by Joe Nussbaum.

Source: ABC