Suits Spoilers: Cast Previews Harvey's Shattered Trust, New Relationships, and Merging With the Brits!

Suits Spoilers: Cast Previews Harvey's Shattered Trust, New Relationships, and Merging With the Brits!


ET Online spoke to the ensemble of USA's Suits where they discussed about the happenings fans can look forward to when season 3 hit the small screens this summer.

Some of the topics touched include Harvey's tainted trust, Rachel's no-holds-barred relationship with Mike and the merger Jessica has been pursuing with the Brits.

Keep reading and find out what the stars spilled during the interview!

Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht on Harvey's broken trust for Mike:

"Their loyalty has been completely destroyed," Gabriel Macht told ET at USA's Upfront event in NYC. "And in the first episode, Harvey lets Mike go. He's done with him. Yes, Mike asks for forgiveness but Harvey doesn't want any of it. He doesn't want the drama, he doesn't want to trust in him anymore."

And if you think that will be resolved in a single episode, then you don't know Suits! "There's actually an episode where Louis asks for Mike and Harvey lets that courtship begin," Gabriel reveals! "Harvey gives him away. It's big. It's huge."

Patrick J. Adams concurs: "It's a big deal that this trust has been broken, so Mike spends a lot of time in the first few episodes trying to figure out how to say he's sorry -- but, at the same time, he no longer wants to be the puppy dog he was for the first two years. He's trying to embrace the man he's become, so he needs to figure out how to say sorry and become a team again while still being a man."

Rachel, however, has never been more trustful of Mike after finding about his deepest "secret". Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams reveal:

"When the season starts, they're still figuring it out," Meghan Markle tells ET. "I think fans will enjoy seeing, over the course of the season, if Mike and Rachel can really make a relationship work. I mean, Rachel knows his secret now, all the cards are on the table, so it's about deciding if they want to do this -- and if so, how."

Mike's courting of Rachel will also hit a speedbump in an upcoming episode that riffs off the classic film, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner. "It's gonna be so good," Markle exclaims. "I'm so excited for that episode," Adams adds. "We're not afraid of racial joking, so we're going to mine that and show how uncomfortable it makes Mike. We don't often get to show Mike being this uncomfortable so it's like a throwback to the earlier episodes where he was always bumbling over himself to make a good impression, which is easy for me to play because it's my everyday life."

Gina Torres weighs-in on Jessica's choice to merge with Edward Darby's (Game of Thrones' Conleth Hill) British firm:

"Jessica made a very conscious decision to save the company because she believed it was the best thing for them -- so she's just hoping that continues to be a good decision," Gina Torres says. "But, the first three episodes have already established some seriously game-changing moments, so, we'll see."

Lastly, Macht shares his thoughts about Harvey's hell-bent desire to put his name on the door as partner:

"There are some backroom deals going on and I think he's absolutely willing to leave Jessica to get his name on any door in town. But, Harvey still wants his name on that door, and he definitely wants to get rid of Darby." Although when ET relayed Gabriel's quote to Gina, she laughed and said, "Don't be nervous. He'll never leave me. He talks a big game but he's never leaving me."

'Suits' season 3 premieres Tuesday, July 16 on USA Network.