Suits Mid-Season Premiere "Blind Sided" Review

Suits Mid-Season Premiere "Blind Sided" Review

The midseason premiere episode of Suits titled "Blind Sided" made the characters realize what kind of moral universe they were in. At the same time tweaking a few matters personally and professionally that reminds viewers that beneath their slick and sharp legal minds, that they are too, imperfect individuals. On the installment, Mike and Harvey mull about their moral standards as lawyers. An adulterous childhood buddy of Mike needed a reality check. Louis kicked off the season by getting laid. And Harvey jumps back on the dating zone.

The episode began when Mike is seen with his childhood buddy, Tess (Elisabeth Hower), who was wearing a post-banging, messy appearance with her bod comfortably wrapped on a white blanket. To make things more juicy, she was also getting high on pot with Mike. At this moment, Mike doesn't seem to care whether she's married. Another thing he wasn't deeply concerned about was Rachel, who was busy contemplating why he just wouldn't sleep with her. Oh Rachel..

Meanwhile back on the flawless interiors of Pearson Hardman, things remain hostile between Harvey and Louis. And if you're wondering about Jessica, it was absurd for me that she did not get a lot of screen time on this episode. (More on this later) As expected, Harvey and Louis bickered over what happened in the past. And yes, if you're already thinking it, Louis was the one to lose again. But don't worry, Louis always has something up his sleeves. In this case, he uses his power as senior partner to hire his own "Mike". With the help of Sheila (Rachel Harris), Louis enthuses on hiring his protege -- Maria, a young lady who was Secretary of her class in Harvard.

Moving on to the episode's case, Mike and Harvey was given a lawsuit that seemed flat and simple. However, to their disdain, we soon find out that it will bring a new trajectory that will corner Harvey towards making a pejorative choice. Their client, Liam, committed a felony of hit-and-run and he has no idea what happened to the vic. Later, we learned that the victim is named Albert Chang and has been stable on the hospital. When they meet up with the prosecutor, Katrina Bennett, the erstwhile still alive victim was already learned to be dead. Ofcourse, that setback was just a no-brainer for the dream team. In a matter of hours, Mike excavated another evidence that made the victim appear negligent, therefore, their desire to settle for "misdemeanor leaving the scene" was put back in action.

The aforementioned trajectory about Harvey is revealed when Katrina makes an unprecedented move. She told Mike that as a favor to Harvey, she will agree on the settlement. However, there lies a big-slapping, ham fisted catch. Harvey must hire her on Pearson Hardman since she wants follow his footsteps OR else, she's going to sing about Harvey's dirty little secrets she learned inside the DA's office. How deep can you go, girl?  The case also triggered a deplorable childhood memory of Mike, when his parents died in a car accident and the culprit was a drunk driver. When the client revealed that he was high during the accident, Mike and Harvey's moral standards were put to test.

Louis, who has been scorned inside the firm, is making progress on his romantic life. The episode was injected with a humorous scene when he shared a 'dominating' night with Sheila. There you go folks, Louis is confirmed not to be gay. On Harvey's side of being romantic, on the other hand, he goes on a babysitting date with Zoe. But things end in a sour note when Zoe is faced with a much bigger priority.

As earlier mentioned, Jessica was not seen so much on the episode. She only appeared when the big honking lie against Louis was to be made. Apparently, "Blind Sided" is much about Louis. On his hopes of hiring his own version of badass associate, Jessica and Harvey conspired  to cease it because Maria is too smart that she knows every single person who was in Harvard. Obviously, it all goes down to pretty boy, Mike.

The hour closes when Louis learned that indeed, he was blind sided by Harvey and Jessica. Harvey was allowed to hire Katrina and he was forced to shoo away Maria due to a "hiring freeze". And ofcourse, to save Mike and Rachel's on and off love angle, adulterous Tess was kicked out of Mike's apartment. Sure, maybe it was just the "Grieving Mike" who was doing all the banging earlier.