Suits Casting Spoilers: Which Relative of Rachel is Coming on Winter?

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August 30, 2012

Suits just ended its mid-season finale and in my opinion, it fared flawlessly. The storyline involving Daniel Hardman and his whole ‘I am a changed man’ bogus stunt is finally out the window. The writers exceptionally manage to settle this issue in one episode plus adding some comic relief from Harvey and Mike while in pursuit of Louis — after they got super high in Mike’s apartment. Yep, wouldn’t miss that for anything.

However, the legal drama is not airing until January so I’m sure that we could use a little spoiler just until they’re back, right? This news is about Rachel Zane played by actress Megan Markle. Though we only know her as a paralegal, she sure has a lot on her pocket to offer on Suits. One of this is about her famous father which she once related to Mike about being loaded and all that. TV Line tells us that in January, we can finally meet the paralegal’s wealthy dad.

I got a casting scoop: We’re going to meet Rachel’s dad, a well known lawyer who goes head-to-head with Harvey on a high profile case. Father and daughter have a strained relationship, something Harvey uses to his advantage by having Rachel sit in on the depositions.

Suits airs Thursdays on USA Network. Stay tuned for more Suits season 2 news and updates.

Source: TV Line