Suits Spoilers: What Brings Donna Back to Pearson and Hardman?

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August 3, 2012

In Suits episode “Break Point”, Donna was fired from the firm. Surprisingly, it was Jessica who pulled the plug not Harvey which was a little unmanly of him, might I say. But then as we all know, Donna is a major key player in the Pearson and Hardman deck of cards and it won’t be a surprise to us if she will be seen walking on her hot heels again. Fortunately, the odds were right. In a conversation with TV Line, Sarah Rafferty who plays Donna confirms that she is not leaving the firm too long and she will back as Harvey’s assistant again in just a matter of time.

However, as the saying goes for Harvey Specter, “There are bigger fishes to fry” — Donna was teased to reappear along with Harvey but this time she will not be answering phone calls, she will be sitting down as a witness instead.

What brings her back into the fray at the law firm this week?
She’s not back at her job. But Mike convinces Donna to come back and testify at the trial run for the trial Harvey’s going to have with Travis Tanner. So she has to come back to the firm in her humiliated state to do a huge favor on Harvey’s behalf.

Donna has to come back to the firm. That’s happening, right?!
[Laughs] I think she has to come back to the firm. But I can’t say whether or not she does this season.

Are there a set of circumstances under which it would be OK for her to come back? Or is this something they can never get past?
That’s a great question. I think in order for her to come back, there would have to be a revelation of some kind probably.

Source: TV Line