Suits Spoilers: Sarah Rafferty Teases the Mid-Season Finale!

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September 15, 2013

donnaSuits will air its midseason finale this week with the episode “Stay”.

Actress Sarah Rafferty (who plays Donna) spoke to EW where she teased the colossal events fans of the legal drama should watch out for. Keep reading for the spoilers:

”For better or worse, everyone has to come together and deal with that,” teases Rafferty.
But it’s not all drama, she says. “I can tell you there are some surprising, warm moments,” she says, “but just when you’re sinking into that great feeling of warm fuzziness, you’re kind of slammed with a bit of a revelation that you’re going to have to wait to find out [more] about in the winter premiere.” That’s right, there’s a cliffhanger. Surprise! (Not really.)

BONUS SPOILER | Rafferty weighed-in on the promo for the finale where we find Donna and Stephen Huntley inside a prison, “You get a chance to see Donna have a little bit of closure,” the actress said.

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