Suits Spoilers: Sarah Rafferty Teases About Season 2 Flashback Episode

Suits Spoilers: Sarah Rafferty Teases About Season 2 Flashback Episode

The glamorous legal assistant of Harvey Specter is an absolute head-turner. Donna, played by actress Sarah Rafferty, proves to be more than just a pretty face on the USA legal drama. As the series progresses, we are now getting to know Donna a little bit more. Her deeper relationship with Harvey, her loyalty to the firm and might I forget, the can opener? Yup, that little thing which seemed to connect some events from the past between her and Harvey. What can I say? Mysteries are always the sexiest.

In an interview with TV Fanatic, the actress generously teases about the much-anticipated season 2 episode 7, in which she confirmed to be the flashback episode. “Episode seven is a perfectly placed flashback. It only goes back five years, but we get to see Mike, Harvey before he was partner, Jessica before she was number-one and Hardman when he was still at the firm.There was nothing romantic going on between Harvey and Donna at that time, but they’ve known each other for 13 or 14 years, so it’s possible somethingmight have happened before. We don’t know.”

And ofcourse, the mighty can opener is not something to be missed. Here's what she tells us about it --
“It will definitely be revisited. The mystery behind it won’t be solved, but it will be enjoyed.”

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Source: TV Fanatic