Suits Spoilers: Pearson and Hardman In Retrospect — An Episode of Power Issues?

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August 9, 2012

Aren’t we all excited for Suits “Rewind” episode? If you are, just keep reading ’cause we’re about to serve an appetizing spoiler!

After Daniel Hardman checks himself back in the firm, a lot of eyebrows were raised. Power issues were brought to the table and Jessica has been witnessed struggling for balance. Evidently, the two major partners of the firm are battling it out mentally. Who sinks in first, well that’s hard to tell. These lawyers are definitely putting up their A-game in order to strengthen credibility and gain other partners’ trust. Ok, if you’re thinking it too then yes, it’s the partners’ votes, technically.

Lucky for us, this week’s episode is taking us five years back inside the law firm. Michael Ausiello from TV Line brought in a great deal of Pearson Hardman scoop we simply can’t get enough of!

The time-tripping hour goes back five years to when Jessica and Hardman ran the business together. “We get to understand why [Hardman] was forced to leave the firm,” previews Sarah Rafferty, who play Donna. “That definitely forwards the plot in terms of the balance of power issues that are happening at Pearson-Hardman, but it also speaks to big character issues with all the main characters.” As for Rafferty’s former secretary, we’ll get some insight into why Donna “is important to not just Harvey, but the firm — what her value is and why she’s valuable.”

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Source: TV Line