Suits Spoilers: Patrick J. Adams Talks The Final 6 Episodes — “We find Pearson Hardman really weakened..”

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November 16, 2012

Collider interviewed Suits co-star, Patrick J. Adams, where the actor pointed out the details coming up on the final six episodes of season 2 which will air on January 2013. Last time we saw Mike, he was in a dark place as he struggled to accept the death of his grandma. Also, the juggernaut firm Pearson Hardman is under attack. When winter comes, what are the changes can we expect from Mike? Will the firm continue to run weak under the Civil War? Here’s what the hot actor told the interview:

This whole season has been really interesting ‘cause it’s been about the firm being under attack. There was this whole Civil War. So, we find Pearson Hardman really weakened, in these next six winter episodes. Even though they’ve just dismantled and gotten rid of Hardman (David Costabile), they’re really weak from that and their clients perceive them as being weak. So, there’s a real struggle to regain their identity, and Mike plays an important part in that. And Mike’s grandmother is gone, so there’s an emotional hole that Mike is in. You find him in a place where he’s really doubting his value to this firm. His relationship with Rachel (Meghan Markle) is obviously on the rocks because of what you saw [in the summer finale]. He’s really at a place where his support systems are gone and leaving him, so he’s in a position where he needs to really step up his game or decide to get out of there. With Pearson Hardman under threat, you’re going to see Mike really under threat, as well. He has to really pick the pieces back up again, or sac up and get out of there.

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