Suits Season 4: Details for June Episodes

Suits Season 4: Details for June Episodes

suitsEarly details for the first three installments of the upcoming fourth season of Suits have arrived! Don't miss the premiere on Wednesday, June 11 (before season 2 of Graceland kicks off).

Episode 4.01 "One-Two-Three Go..."
Airdate: 06/11/2014

  • Mike and Harvey adjust to the new arrangement, butting heads over strategy.

Episode 4.02 "Lunch and Dinner"
Airdate: 06/18/2014

  • Harvey and Mike are on opposite sides of a takeover.
  • Louis is partnered with a recent SEC defector.

Episode 4.03 "Two in the Knees"
Airdate: 06/25/2014

  • Logan Sanders pushes Harvey to prove his relationship with Mike will not hinder business.