Suits Season 3 Spoilers: Meet Harvey’s Father!

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May 3, 2013

546920_370700126347677_1956369427_nThat is positively right, Suits people! The deceased father of Harvey Specter will surface on the USA legal drama. The spoilers are from TV Line, go check out the details below:

Midway through the coming season, we’ll meet Harvey’s yet-to-be-cast father Gordon, in an origins flashback to when Harvey was working at District Attorney’s office and he caught his boss Cameron burying evidence on his cases. Of note during the father/son chat: They bring up two family members that have been hinted at only a little thus far, Harvey’s cheating mother and his little brother Marcus.

Are you excited to see Gordon Specter?

Suits season 3 premieres on Tuesday, June 16th on USA Network.

  • Maria

    yeah – would love to see some back story on Harvey’s family