Suits Season 3 Spoilers and POLL: Which ‘Suits’ Character IS GAY?!

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June 28, 2013


Confirmed! Someone is queer/gay/homosexual among the characters of legal drama, Suits.

TV Line dropped the major blind item gay scoop to share with y’all, start guessing who’s who STAT!

“What if I told you that a character you didn’t know was gay, is?”

‘Suits’ season 3 launches on Tuesday, July 16 on USA Network.

Speculate with us! Vote on our latest Suits POLL — Who do you think is the answer to the blind-item above?

  • Jellicle

    They didn’t say it’s a main character, only a character. My guess is either Katrina or Darby.

  • dietpunkfics

    I’m going with Darby, remember how he said it was tempting when Harvey told him to kiss his ass?

  • Christopher

    i cant believe 35 people said Harvey smh

  • tracey martin

    Jessica never had a love interest since the beginning of the I bet my last dollar on her.

  • Dana F.

    It’s def Darby, that’s why he has such a connection to that case with the man talked about in the season 3 premiere

  • Justin Im

    It’s Darby forsure. He said “it was a different time” in reference to a past relationship with a woman. And he implies he is gay when Jessica asks him how he would propose to a woman.

  • Jellicle

    Aaron Korsh confirmed it’s Darby.

  • Jellicle

    I know, right?

  • Jellicle

    And we were right! And to be honest, I wasn’t as surprised as they implied we’d be.

  • Jai

    Its darby that is gay. In season 3 episode 1 when Jessica says “I wonder how you would propose to a women”, darby replies with “A woman? I think we both know that I…”, and Jessica says “Yes, we do”.