Suits Season 2 Spoilers: Is Daniel Hardman Coming Back?

Suits Season 2 Spoilers: Is Daniel Hardman Coming Back?

The power-tripping inside the premises of Pearson Hardman is over. As expected, Jessica was able to win back her title as queen. Or in her own words, she regained back her power by "peeling off" Daniel Hardman off the wall. Hardman, on the other hand, once again proved himself to be unworthy as managing partner when he succumb himself to another backstabbing stunt against his own firm.

Well, who could blame him? Jessica seems like a woman who can't live a day without her Pearson Hardman magic wand of control. Kidding aside, Jessica has managed to pluck Hardman off her firm. But for how long? Do you think it's only a temporary turnout of events?

Aaron Korsh, creator of the legal drama gave us an insight about David Costabile's character on Suits. Is he coming back to seek vengeance or is he never coming back at all?

“I would like to see him back,” says exec producer Aaron Korsh. “It’s unclear whether it’s going to be in the next six episodes or the following season.” Regardless of whether he returns in the flesh, the character’s spirit will loom large when the second half of Season 2 picks up early next year. “His [departure] is going to leave a power vacuum and allow for some changes within the firm,” teases Korsh. “It will shift the perception of Pearson Hardman in the legal community and possibly make them a little bit more vulnerable than they thought. Sometimes, you get weaker before you get stronger.”

Source: TV Line