Suits Season 2 Spoilers: A Blast From the Past Episode

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June 22, 2012

TV Line dishes to us another intriguing character that will come across Harvey Specter’s way on Suits season 2.

Harvey – and fans of the USA Network series – will get a blast from the past when an upcoming episode flashes back five years to introduce us to Monica Egan, a super-smart and super-cute colleague of Harvey’s who at this time, somewhat curiously, is no longer with Pearson/Hardman. And over the course of the episode, we find out not why she’s MIA, but also what became of that rising star attorney.
Casting is now underway for the thirtysomething Monica….

In another casting related news, Rachel Harris (New Girl, actress) was also reported to join the legal drama. Her character was described as the female version of Louis Litt, also from Harvard Law.

Source: TV Line