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Suits Season 2 Episode 12 "Blood In The Water" Review

Suits Season 2 Episode 12 "Blood In The Water" Review

Check out our advance review of this week's episode of Suits. Watch out for the rife of spoilers ahead!

In season 2 episode 12 of Suits titled "Blood in the Water", the repercussions of the civil war brought in by Daniel Hardman is taking effect. Mike is getting his crap together. Harvey unleashed his fury to Louis. And Jessica puts on her white hat in the midst of chaos.

Basically, "Blood in the Water" mirrors the gradually weakening reputation of Pearson Hardman. It was emphasized when a client of Harvey showed lesser confidence to him as his lawyer. The client is named Trent Devon, a social media wunderkind whose company is about to hit Wall Street. On Jessica's corner, the latest kerfuffle she has with Louis comes into a confrontation. Louis argues why would Jessica hire a fifth year and yet she told her that there was a hiring freeze? Obviously, it doesn't make any sense. But since Jessica is so articulately flawless, she was able to come up with a rational explanation. She explained that acts of betrayal have a price to pay and suggest he just moves on. Oh and bonus, she made him sign up for a so-called "Louis Litt Rehabilitation Program". Seriously, what does that even mean?

I find this episode a tad ridiculous because there was a lot of "firing-esque" matters that happened. First, Harvey threatened to fire Mike because he was late by thirty minutes. Then, Louis actually fired Harold due of a petty stuff that isn't even a rational cause to fire somebody. I don't know, I guess that's what happens when you just lost a cat and a girlfriend. All of a sudden you want your subordinates to absorb your towering levels of stress. Lastly, Harvey bullied Louis to skedaddle away from Pearson Hardman forever. Though I can empathize for Harvey about Louis' betraying him and whatnot, what I cannot encompass my whole being to is the idea of being given an interminable tirade so loud and so nigh, it would be an uncertainty to catch another breath. All I can say is, "Man the hell up Louis!" Stop being such a doormat.

The center of the episode orbited around Pearson Hardman being an easy target of another firm as a post-civil war effect. The boys, Harvey and Louis, expectedly wore their honey badger suits. They both manifested that the imminent setbacks won't make vulnerable. Unfortunately for Louis, he's wrong. His client was gone in a snap! While Harvey on the other hand, fared with flying colors. In fact, he didn't just retain his social media wiz client, he also managed to enlist another high-profiled corporation. Another high-five to Harvey!

As mentioned, Jessica wore the white hat on this major arc. She poised herself as the moral compass when everything is under chaos (their associates are leaving and clients are backing out). I admired her eloquence when she discussed with Harvey the significance of taking matters slowly while at the same time anticipating the future. This drew a fine line between their characters. Harvey likes to take things in a gutsy, audacious way while Jessica is more of laid-back, slowly but surely kinda woman.

Elsewhere on NYC, Mike Ross, in his attempt to finally get his sh*t together, faces a harsh way of being atoned. Why harsh you ask? Well, as much as I adore wunderkind Mike's face, I'm sorry to bring the news but he was beat up by Tess' husband on this episode. However, no need to worry too much about his condition because he was nursed by a resident of P&H, Rach.. Err. Nope, sorry but Louis took the liberty to take care of Mike on this case. On that sweet gesture, Louis opened a window of apology to send out to Harvey. Apparently, the writers decided that Mike needed to get his butt kicked in order for Louis and Harvey to re-build bridges. Louis took care of Harvey's case that needed some financial wiz that eventually redeemed Harvey's trust. Thus, Louis has decided to stay.

"Blood in the Water" isn't one of those solid episodes we've already seen from Suits. But I was happy that the on-and-off debacle between Mike and Rachel wasn't tackled much. We all know they are getting together at one point. I also thought that the writers should cut Louis some slack. I mean not that I patronize his treacherous deeds but all he ever wanted was is to be distinguished. Why does he have to be on the back burner like ninety percent of the time? Unlike Specter who has always been spoiled by Jessica, he's becoming too narcissistic. I used to enjoy Harvey and Louis' sharp repartee, but now I'm just terrorized with Harvey.

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1) Are you Team Louis or Team Harvey?
2) Are you rooting for Mike and Rachel to be a couple?
3) Do you think Louis is being low-balled by Jessica? Or is she simply miffed by his antics?