Suits Exclusive Spoilers: Scoop on Rachel Zane’s Father — Daddy Drama?

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October 16, 2012

Suits season 2 is not resuming until January but we’re happy to give you the spoilers you need to ease your Pearson Hardman, not to mention Harvey and Mike cravings!

In Suits season 2 episode 13, Spoilers Guide exclusively learned that Robert Zane, Rachel’s famous father, is appearing on this episode. The title, “The Strong Survive” — Robert will appear on the legal drama as a strong-willed, veteran lawyer associated to the prestigious law firm of Rand, Kandor and Zane.

Zane’s primary storyline on the said episode will be to represent an esteemed company — Folsom Foods which is being charge with gender discrimination. Meanwhile, we also learned that he will be joining Rachel for a very special dinner occasion but will end up in a sour tone.

Stay tuned for more ‘Suits’ season 2 spoilers.