Suits Exclusive Spoilers: Follow-up Scoop on Nigel — The British Louis Litt!

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October 16, 2012

Thanks for checking in again, Suits fans!

This is a follow-up about the earlier news we reported about Nigel – the new guy coming to Suits which was described as the British version of Louis Litt. Is he going to get “Litt up”? Let’s find out..

Nigel Nesbitt is a 40 year old British guy who meets Louis Litt at a bar. Initially, Nigel makes an impression to Louis that’s not exactly pleasing. Knowing Louis Litt, he did not falter. In lieu, the two exchanged a series of bullying words which made Louis seriously offended in the end. Want more? How bout we put it in a one-liner quote from Louis?

“I’ve already dared. To do. what I’ve done.”

Hope you enjoyed that, we can’t wait to see it too!

This scene will appear on season 2 episode 16 which at the moment is still untitled. Check back later for the updates!

Source: Spoilers Guide