Suits Creator Talks About Season 2 and The Origin of ‘The Civil War’

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July 13, 2012

Aaron Korsh, the showrunner of the legal drama ‘Suits’ sat down for a conference call this week with TV Guide. On the interview he teased about the concept behind the ‘civil war’ between Hardman and Jessica, an early introduction of another character named Monica and finally spilling what’s behind Donna and Harvey’s ‘can opener’.

Watch out for major spoilers!

  • Let’s start with the concept of the “civil war.” It’s a theme that’s quickly emerged this season and was derived, Korsh explains, from “a lot of shows that [he’s] a big fan of,” as they often “bring in an outside character as a foil.”Hence the decision to reveal the ever-elusive Hardman. “It just seemed like a perfect fit to bring [Hardman] in and let him be the foil that kind of solved the problem of how to keep Mike in the firm and still have Jessica find out about his secrets.”
  • Viewers can look forward, meanwhile, to other new characters coming on board this summer, including one named Monica (played by Garbiel Macht’s wife, Jacinda Barrett). She “left the firm under kind of cloudy circumstances and… plays both a role in the past and in the present,” Korsh teased, adding that “she interacts mainly with Louis in the episode in the past and Mike in the episode in the present. But she’s got a history with everyone at the firm… and her departure affects Rachel, Louis, Daniel, Harvey, Jessica, everyone.
  • ”The upcoming flashback episode will also include Mike’s first encounter with Jenny and shed more light on Sarah Rafferty’s Donna, while depicting life at the company before the drama that pushed Hardman out.
  • Korsh said the “ritual” that Donna and Harvey have to do before every case seemed too “overtly sexual” for the network’s tastes. As a result, when asked to take it out, he I’ll get the can opener just as a “throw away line,” which, unwittingly giving birth to a reference that… well… actually doesn’t mean anything all!

Source: TV Fanatic